Crystals: Fact or Fiction?

By Rachel Ali

As TikTok and other social media platforms bring new concepts of spirituality through affirmations, zodiac signs, and crystals, many wonder about the validity of these new obsessions. 

As someone who grew up collecting rocks, crystals always seemed like something right down my alley. In elementary school, I would ask my parents to bring rocks back home from their travels. I never thought it was strange that I liked rocks so when I discovered crystals I thought it was a natural way to add to my collection. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of talk about the use of crystals and was curious about their reputation.

Recently, on a trip to Asheville, North Carolina, I had a chance to step into a crystal shop. This was my first time in one of these shops so I was in awe of the options. Spanning the walls of the small shop were variously sized and colored crystals and rocks. As I walked around, certain crystals caught my eye, so I decided to buy a small bag of 5 rocks. As I bought the rocks, my father looked at me with a strange, almost disapproving, face. The same man who used to bring rocks from other countries in his suitcase for me was now judging me for buying crystals. That’s when I realized that crystals may not be a widely accepted concept to many.

On and off the internet, many make fun of crystals since they don’t do anything and are “just rocks.” I understand these comments but think that the purpose of crystals, whether real or not, is harmless and fun. Even if the meanings are just made up, crystals are interesting to many people for many reasons and can be enjoyable to collect. I find it no different than any other “meaningless” collections people may have like baseball cards or coins. The crystals I got have prescribed meanings, which I don’t put all of my faith in, but are interesting. 

The first crystal I got was quartz. It’s a clear rock that looks like a chunk of ice. It is said to be programmable which means it can magnify intentions. Quartz is one of the most abundant crystals on Earth and comes in many forms. I also have rose quartz, which is soft and smooth and a light, pretty pink. This crystal is said to symbolize compassion, support, and heart healing. Whether or not these sentiments are true, the rocks themselves are not only cute but are positive in purpose. 

A few other crystals I have are supposed to help with embracing change, have protective qualities, and soothe. Either way, the rocks may have capabilities, but even without the meanings they still are aesthetically pleasing to display in my room and add to my collection. Even though I don’t put my faith in their meanings, I know many that do. Some friends of mine have seen results with the crystals, an idea that many seem to be doubtful of. I compare crystals to not washing a lucky team jersey or being superstitious. Some may believe and some may not, but at the end of the day, if it makes a person happy and is harmless, it’s better to leave it be. 

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