UT to Use Barrymore as Commuter Parking 

By: Alexis Schulman 

With the influx of freshmen at The University of Tampa for the Fall 2021 semester, more pressure has been put on UT’s already limited parking space. 

Senior Krista Davis, a forensic science major said, “I have to arrive 30-40 minutes before class to find parking, and I sometimes have to just drive around until someone finally pulls out and opens a space.” 

On campus, there are two parking garages, West Parking Garage and Rick Thomas Parking Garage. This year, UT welcomes the addition to a new parking lot called the Delaware Avenue Parking Garage. 

Since the campus has reached what seems to be their maximum, The Barrymore Hotel is now not only used for residing students, but there will also be parking spaces there for commuting students. 

ResLife recently sent out an email to commuting students regarding these parking matters. The Office of Campus Safety and ResLife said, “This fall we anticipate on-campus parking to be limited. As an additional parking option, we have secured a limited number of designated commuter parking spaces at UT’s off-campus residence hall, The Barrymore Hotel.”

The Barrymore Hotel allowed limited parking spaces for commuter students. UT offered $100 dollars that can be used at any UT dining hall and the Barrymore shuttle to take them to and from campus. 

Davis applied to the Barrymore Hotel parking in hopes that she can secure a spot for herself, though it is first come first serve and she assumes many people applied to get a spot. 

Davis also anticipates it will free up some parking on campus for everyone. 

The on-campus housing is mainly used by freshmen, sophomores and a few upperclassmen. With only 12 on-campus forms, there are many commuters.

Sherife Tatis, senior media arts major said, “I get dropped off because the parking is so bad.” 

Tatis doesn’t even bother dealing with finding a spot, so her dad offers to drop her off and pick her up. 

It seems that UT is also giving out more tickets because people are parking in faculty parking spots. When students are running late to class, it seems one of the only options is to risk getting a ticket. 

Campus Safety was contacted about this concern and has yet to respond.

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