Vaccine Passport Required to Enter the Premises

By Joshua Foster-Storch

We as a civilization have been living among the threat of contracting COVID-19 for over a year now.  And now that people are starting to get vaccinated, people should be expected to be vaccinated before they do anything in public.  That is what a vaccine passport is here to provide.

Vaccine passports are an initiative being supported by Senate Democrats that require people to show proof of vaccination before entering any public place.  For example, you would need a vaccine passport to go into a restaurant, public venue or any type of public transportation, whether it be train, car or plane.  

These passports are obviously going to be a problem.  The people in power have created much distrust between themselves and the people they represent, so by telling them to go do this, it just becomes another thing that people feel the need to question.  The state of New York has already been the first state in the country to verify and require a vaccination passport.  And with other states looking to follow this initiative, it is looking like a vaccine passport will be the new wave that we must all follow.

It should not come as much of a surprise that the U.S. is following the suit of many of its allies in the developed world.  Many parts of Western Europe, including France, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands and Sweden, rank ahead of the U.S. in quality of healthcare and have already made plans to create vaccine passports mandatory to do the same things listed above. These countries have continuously been the trendsetters in the medical industry over the last decade and have continued that trend through the pandemic.  

Vaccine Passports have already been opposed aggressively in Florida by Governor Ron DeSantis.  On Friday, April 2, 2021, he imposed an executive order on the Sunshine State banning all uses of the vaccine passports.  This has been viewed as an inhibitor of negative behavior regarding the vaccine.  

People are going to look at this action and think that they do not need the vaccine or that they are above the health concerns of other people.  This sentiment needs to be disregarded by the American public as it is going to set us back in getting back to normal life. 

I am all for the idea that we should be getting as many people vaccinated as possible, but the problem is that politicians in America cannot just tell people what to do.  There is so much government opposition at this time in our country that they cannot create a way that forces people to do anything, let alone something as impactful as a vaccine passport.  

There needs to be incremental changes that many people can get behind.  One such option would be that vaccines are mandatory only for sporting events or festivals because of the thousands of people that are shoulder to shoulder.  You cannot just go from zero to 100 in terms of guidelines to follow.  The only way to follow is baby steps.

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