Playing Politics With Kamala Harris and Bill Clinton 

By Emily Cortes

Regardless of party, let’s hold politicians accountable for all of their bad policies, choices, and behaviors. Kamala Harris and Bill Clinton making a joint conference on women empowerment that they referred to as a “one on one conversation” is blatantly insensitive to say the least. 

Former President Clinton was impeached on account of obstruction of justice and perjury surrounding his relationship with former White House intern, Monica Lewinksy. As a woman in a position of power, Harris made an extremely poor choice to, quite frankly, even be seen in a political setting with Bill Clinton in regards to female empowerment. 

Not only does it seem arrogant to have a man admittedly say that he used a manipulative power dynamic against an intern in exchange for sex and then attend a female empowerment conference and not listen. He should be in attendance at all conferences alike but need not speak on behalf of women. 

It’s also a poor choice on Harris’ part because she knows better. She knows it’s a bad look, and it’s the fault of her public relations team for not warning her before they decided to do the conference. To allow anyone who took advantage of and abused their power, aided someone else in the abuse of power, or obstructed a survivors’ opportunity to seek justice, should have no busy in political office, let alone be allowed to speak on behalf of women, how to empower women, and how to create a just world for young girls. 

Lawmakers are a lot like what people think reality TV stars are – famous for being famous, having no talent, and doing nothing much but obtaining wealth. Our elected officials are alleged to be the top of their classes at their Ivy League law schools, have decorated war memorials and military badges, yet our socioeconomic infrastructure is cracking day by day. 

Employment is becoming more difficult, the value of a college degree is starting to deplete, wages can’t keep up with the cost of living, and younger generations are not in the same financial positions that their parents were in when they were their children’s age. Young adults are buying homes later in life, or not at all, many have not paid off their student loans, or have not secured a steady income. 

Whichever political team brainstormed this idea to have politicians talk about helping women failed to realize that talking a lot and doing absolutely nothing about it is something that citizens notice. Harris is embarrassing herself even further than she already has with her poor policy, her lack of consideration in planning one of her few public appearances, and now being publicly bashed in newspaper articles and on social media. 

The entire message for the meaning of the conference was lost. People are so outraged at the lack of thought that went into this, supposed amazing cause to advance women and girls in society, was drowned out by citizens feeling it necessary to hold Clinton accountable for his past abuses of power, and Haris accountable for being so blind to the premise of the conference and the triggers to survivors. 

But, the point of a conference is to educate the audience, and the audience that must be educated on positive female policy is congress. That is where the efforts of those who have the power to make change should focus all that effort towards.

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