Tampa Sports Camaraderie Thrives

By Matteo Herrera 

Tampa Bay sports are on a roll. 

Tampa Bay supporters have supported their teams and celebrated anyway they can, in the middle of a pandemic. Especially with how well every team in Tampa has been doing. 

Before the pandemic, Tampa would be filled with people in bars, restaurants, clubs, Etc., with an event like this. City officials are urging residents and visitors to practice social distancing. 

Yet, there will be events at the Wharf in Tampa, Armature Works, and across Downtown. 

But why? Why do all this for a sports game? Why is there such mutual love for the sports teams who represent their city? 

Sports isn’t just some game. It is a way to connect with others and break down social and cultural barriers, especially in team sports. Teams have to come together to accomplish a goal, to win. No matter where each person is from, as long as they’re in a group together, they will work together to succeed. 

That is the core of what brings cities together. Cities feel pride when a team is succeeding in representing them. Take Tampa, for example. Even with a pandemic going on, people are still going out or finding ways to celebrate the teams’ victories that represent them. It is a meaningful connection between the local population and the team. Having a local fan base can create a global fan base depending on their doping or market. 

People identify themselves from either where they are born, raised, live, or feel a connection to. Even though fans don’t directly impact what happens in the game, they still feel responsible for wins and losses. It is widespread to see people be proud of the ways places or groups do things from where they are from or are a part of. 

It can be seen on a global scale with the World Cup or the Olympics. Fans that are not entirely indulged in the sport will support the player or team representing their country. 

Rivals in the country will be halted and come together to support the country as one in a sport. For example, the Boston Celtics fans will band together with the Los Angeles Lakers fans to support the Olympics’ United States basketball team. 

People identify strongly with the groups they are a part of. 

Fans may not directly impact the game, but they sure do have an indirect one. They come to games, which means ticket sales, merchandise, sponsorships, and more. 

If a team had no fans, that team would not have the financial support to pay for player contracts and other costs to make the team successful. Marketers in sports focus on getting thousands of fans to attend the games and thousands of people to watch and support their team. That brings revenue to the sports team and to become the best. 

It is no shock to see the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, New York Knicks, and the Los Angeles Lakers as one of the most valuable sports franchises. They bring in the best players from different areas of the world and succeed. 

Bringing players from different areas brings in fans from outside of the local community as they will support the player from their hometown. 

People want to see the best there is. Even if they don’t have a hometown connection, people want to see them succeed if they have any relationship. People want the sensation of achieving.

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