Celebrating for a Cause: WUTT Donates Money for Breast Cancer

By Juliana Walter

On Friday, Oct. 2, The University of Tampa’s student radio station, WUTT: Spartan Radio, raised $110 for breast cancer awareness during their World College Radio Day event. 

Music filled the heart of campus as different DJs from the radio station took turns spinning the tracks. Many students set up blankets on N. Walker Lawn and enjoyed picnics during the mini concert.

“We donated all of the money raised to the national breast cancer foundation,” said Emma Friedman, General Manager of WUTT and senior communication major. 

Everyone passing by the event was encouraged to donate through WUTT’s venmo. After giving whatever amount they could, the donor wrote down their name to be placed in a raffle for different music records.

Mikayla Rothschild, freshmen marine biology major, was one of the many students who attended the event and donated to the cause.

“We just thought it would be a good idea to come after our class and bring food for a little picnic.”

Koma Ogak, a senior entrepreneurship major and program director for WUTT, has been involved with WUTT on and off for his past couple of years at UT. Ogak was the first DJ to play at the World College Radio Day event.

“I think it’s important to be involved in stuff like this because it’s all about giving back and having fun,” said Ogak. “I want to leave a legacy when I graduate. One of my goals is to train as many new students who are interested in getting into DJing and learning the system and platforms we use.”

And he had some key advice for people just getting into the DJing world.

“If you screw up, just go with the flow,” said Ogak.

Ogak describes his personal DJing style as differentiated and multicultural. During his time playing at World College Radio Day, Ogak transitioned from afro-beat, to hip-hop, and even some country.

Currently, WUTT is not running programs due to issues with their server. Friedman explained that the shows and programs for WUTT will return to normal when the issues are fixed.

Cassie Disharoon is a new member of WUTT this year. Disharoon, a freshmen communication major, hopes to host an alternative music radio show.

“We have been having weekly meetings just to get to meet people and talk about upcoming shows. I don’t know any of the equipment, so I’ll have to do training,” said Disharoon.

In the past few years WUTT  has hosted multiple charity events. Cydney Norpoth, senior international marketing major, is currently serving as the news director for the station. In her third year with WUTT, Norpoth hosted a show called Artist Hour and previously served as the music director for the station.

“We try to have a charity event once a year,” said Norpoth. “One year we had a [charity] event that donated to local food pantries. We had three local bands come out and had a concert. It was really fun.”

Although COVID-19 made WUTT cancel last spring’s charity event, the radio station has plenty more things planned for the rest of the year.

“Tonight’s event went well and we got to know some of our members better, but it was a smaller crowd that expected,” said Friedman. “We figured that may happen though because of the timing of the event.”WUTT hopes to have a poolside event next. But the station is currently working on getting their student’s shows back on air.

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