The Battle of Buying Tik Tok

By Robin Bakker

Over the past year, Tik Tok has been downloaded on just about everyone in the younger generation’s phone. After Vine had been deleted, no one thought that it could be replaced. Musically was popular in the younger generation for a little bit, but it turned into Tik Tok.

Like most people, I didn’t want to download it because I knew Vine was better. Eventually, I got it as a joke, which led to watching some videos, then making an account, making some videos, staying up on Tik Tok until two in the morning, and constantly quoting videos. 

The app can be scary when the algorithm for the “for you page” shows you videos that are specific to you and sometimes ones that you don’t even know how they know. So, it makes sense that the United States is scared that the Chinese control the app. But, what about Facebook and Russia?

I don’t remember Trump banning Facebook after the whole voting and election scandal. After Russia set up fake accounts and websites that were all over Facebook to help Trump get more ads and votes, he did nothing. Because a selfish man will do selfish things and people made fun of him on Tik Tok, it obviously has to get banned. He also got upset after a bunch of kids on the app reserved seats for one of his campaign shows in Tulsa, Oklahoma and didn’t show up.

I also want to point out that I find it funny how Trump is more worried about an app that the younger generations are on then the hundreds of thousands of Americans dying from a virus that he knew about in November of 2019. Almost a year later and we are getting rid of a silly app and not a deathly virus. Because the economy and making sure no one can hurt our president’s feelings is more important than the health of the people.

There is definitely an underlying meaning behind Trump wanting to get rid of the app. However, there is hope. Trump will not ban the app if an American company buys out the app. Microsoft was the leading company but they have since backed out. Fortunately, the computer software company Oracle has sent the government a proposal to be the American partner. The government has yet to finalize or say anything about the proposal.

However, if no one buys out the app, no one will be able to download the app starting Sunday, Sept. 20. A good thing is that if you already have the app, you can still use it. But, they won’t be able to update or get maintenance on the app.

The majority of the app is just sharing funny videos. With the occasional educational video here and there. A lot of “experts” about psychology, politics, sex education, and more make videos to help viewers learn about various topics. The app isn’t all just making fun of the president. I personally found out about cooking hacks, sex education information that my public school has failed to teach me, metal disabilites, and more.

I hate to admit but this app has been good for me, not the addicting part and staying up late because I can watch videos for two plus hours at a time. But, not only has it given me good educational information, but it can also be a good distraction and stress reliever. After doing all my homework and various other tasks, I can go to Tik Tok to end my day on a good note. I can laugh at other people’s jokes and see if they had a worse day than I did. If only our president can look past his selfish issues so I can continue dealing with mine by ignoring them and watching Tik Toks.

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