An overview of the “Out of Shadows” documentary

By Emily Cortes

During quarantine times, people have tried to alleviate their boredom by binging T.V., watching TikTok for hours, catching up with their favorite YouTubers, and checking out some new conspiracy theory documentaries. One documentary in particular, recently posted to YouTube under an account that shares the same name as the hour long film itself, “OUT OF SHADOWS.”

The video accrued just over ten million views in a short 14 days. The people who uploaded the video left us only with “” This website doesn’t offer much information about who the organization is or who it consists of besides those people featured in the documentary. This “church’s” aesthetic consists of the religious crosses placed on their website’s page, the discussion in the documentary of satanic rituals subliminally sent to the American public, and the narrator of the film, Mike Smith, explaining his personal religious awakening. 

The documentary seemed to be broken up and separated into jumbled segments, jumping from topic to topic without concluding the preceding topic. This organization was confusing, however, I understand they were trying to pack a lot of information into the opening scenes. 

Yes, the large Hollywood movies and mainstream media definitely is influenced by our American government, but not in the way you may think. Ever since radio, television, film, and then the internet became necessary for daily life, the government began to create laws to protect its citizens, consumers, and publishers. Over time, these laws have changed,adapting to current situations. 

Many platforms will remove your content or suspend your account if you post something that doesn’t comply with their policy. We as Americans have freedom of speech protected under the first amendment, but these internet companies, websites, radio stations, and apps are private companies, who have a right also covered under the free speech clause. They can allow certain posts and decline others to protect the brand and image of the platform you are using. 

For the most part, you can post almost anything to the internet and it will not be censored by the government. In fact, a lot of the things we post that we don’t want to last forever have a crazy way of multiplying before our eyes. It may be harder to get your post removed from the internet completely than it will be for you to post the content you want with risk of censorship.

I don’t believe the American government is telling Martin Scorsese and Quintin Tarantino what to create their films about, what to enhance, what to dull down, and how to edit. However, the government is very aware of how mainstream media appeals to all demographics, being an instant money maker, and the American government will support a big money maker, no matter what the product may be. Take cigarettes, legal marijuana, and decriminalized mushrooms, for example.

This documentary argues that the information and media the American people consume on a daily basis is poisoned by a satanic and anti-christ like cult group, consisting of celebrities and high up government officials to brainwash citizens without them ever detecting what’s being done to them. 

Media is a tool people used to create conversations and inform others of what they may be ignorant to. I don’t think there is any good that comes out of censorship. People create media inspired by things they have already experienced in the world. If the content up for discussion seems too much for a general audience and may need to be censored, then we need to do a better job as a society to not let these very real experiences happen to people in real life. If these things didn’t happen in our world, there would be no reason to create media to get the story told.

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