UT switching to Workday causes a registration burden

By Juliana Walter

The University of Tampa first announced that the MyUTampa website would be entirely replacing Spartanweb in October of 2018. Specifically, the Workday app would be used for student’s class registration. Many students have voiced their concerns with learning the Workday program during a time when they cannot easily access Tech Support from the university.

The original announcement about this change, which was shared through UT’s global email messages, said that the switch would first be made for class registration for the Fall 2020 semester. For most of the student and faculty body, this switch is confusing.

Hope Terranova, a sophomore criminology major, is frustrated with UT’s change to workday during this time.

“Workday is very confusing,” Terranova said. “I’m still not sure how to use it and it’s stressful to think about having to use [Workday] to register for classes when I’m not on campus to ask for help.”

Many students feel the same way as Terranova. With UT switching to online classes and closing campus to students, the switch over from Spartanweb to Workday has added stress to the situation.

Registration for classes seems to always include complaints and confusion as well. Many students, even juniors and seniors, do not get their desired classes for the next semester. This has been an issue on both Spartanweb and Workday registration programs.

Audrey Wood is an upcoming junior business management major and registered on Thursday, April 16 like most juniors on-campus. In the past, Wood has experienced issues with classes filling up before her available registration time. But now as an upperclassman, she expected this to be less of an issue.

“I only got one class that I wanted,” said Wood. “I had to choose other class times for two of my other classes. I was waitlisted for another of them. It took me so long to figure it all out.”

Overall, students agree that the registration process should have been changed but just changing the program was not enough. Adding onto the normal stress of registering for classes, recent events with COVID-19 have severely limited student’s resources to help them out.

Academic advisors and technology support are both harder to contact and access during this time. Students, who had taken time to understand Spartanweb in the past couple of semesters, feel that the change came at unwarranted time.

UT’s current system allows students with more credits to register first, which makes sense. This allows students who are closer to graduating to register for their necessary classes in order to finish on time. But this system is used at most other universities as well. One of the main issues in UT’s registration program is the availability in classes and times.

According to UT’s website, enrollment in the university increased by 4% from 2017 to 2018. While the University is actively expanding the campus as well as the academics, it should be implied that they are expanding class sizes or class availabilities.

UT is well known for its competitive business college. International Business is the most popular business major as well as the most popular major on campus, according to UT’s website. But classes like International Business (MGT 350), which is a required class for International Business majors and other business majors too, is only offering 4 classes for the Fall 2020 semester.

Students, like Terranova and Wood, feel that although UT’s class sizes allow for more intimate learning, more available classes should be offered for these more popular majors. With the university continuing to grow, the academic availability should as well so students are able to take the necessary classes to graduate on time.

 “At this point, I’d rather go back to Spartanweb,” said Wood. “It was so much better.” 

Juliana Walter can be reached at Juliana.walter@spartans.ut.edu

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