Photographers generate new ideas from home: Facetime photoshoots

By Emily Cortes

Being trapped in our homes has driven some of us to explore our creative sides. Some trends have been cutting and dying your hair, brainstorming tweets, binging shows like Tiger King and mocking the characters through memes and TikToks. However, some industries and people, like high fashion models, ad campaign agencies, photographers and creative directors have formulated a new way to market and sell their content 

The famous supermodel, Bella Hadid, took part in a revolutionary type of photoshoot for an editorial in Vogue Italia. The supermodel first took to Instagram to display her own photoshoot, taken on her phone and laptop, titled “A Girl in Her Favorite Yellow Jacket.” This photoshoot concept was no different than a normal series of selfies than many of us can admit having taken. By taking the photos on her phone and laptop using a self timer, hands free mode, it got photographers brainstorming. 

In order to make this photoshoot happen, Hadid’s photos were shot and styled, via FaceTime, by her “quaranqueens,” Brianna Capozzi and Haley Wollens. The production and lighting for the shoot conducted in Hadid’s Los Angeles home were done by Lauren Perez. 

Although some of the photo quality is lost by taking photos through FaceTime, and the set design is limited, the reason why these large fashion companies and magazines can continue to publish content is through their creativity and flexibility. In order to work in an industry like this, you have to learn to adapt and “make it work.” Everyone can relate to that right now, yet the artistry must prevail. 

Hadid is not the only model to experiment with a virtual photoshoot. Britain’s Millie Hannah, who does commercial modeling for fast fashion lines and Instagram boutiques. She has also admitted that Bella Hadid is one of her biggest inspirations in the modeling world, so it’s no surprise she would attempt this FaceTime photoshoot as well.

Hannah promotes brands through Instagram quite frequently, but some of her work has been limited. She has traveled to many countries and attended extravagant events on behalf of brands like Revolve, Fashion Nova, Motel, and Asos. 

Since travel is at a halt, she turned to a FaceTime photoshoot. These concepts do not have to be professionally produced with world-class photographers and set designs, they can be accomplished through a cell phone and a watchful eye. Hannah’s friend, Edie Rose, a model herself, photographed Hannah’s photos and raked in nearly forty thousand likes. 

Similarly, Zara’s latest ad campaign also captured their models in the comfort of their homes. Zara shipped their latest arrivals to their models, located all over the world, and may have created a diverse yet cohesive campaign unlike no other. By shipping similar items to different models in different locations, Zara can create an image that unites the world in a similar fashion to this pandemic. 

If anything, our current social distancing situation should facilitate creativity and opportunity to exercise your mind in ways that may not have been possible before this pandemic took over our daily lives.

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