Keeping a healthy mental state during Quarantine

By Kayla Lupedee

Wake up and get through the day. We had our distractions. We had our trips to class. We had our shifts at work. We had our social interactions with friends at our favorite places. We had everything we needed to prevent us from getting wrapped up and trapped in our minds. 

But we don’t have those anymore. Now, in quarantine, we are stuck in our houses with very little to do and very much to think about, the mental health of many is on the line. 

When it comes to improving mental health, many people often depend on activity and social distraction. That is no longer an option due to the coronavirus outbreak. Being in quarantine is taking a toll on mental sanity, and it could stir up a lot of issues. 

As someone who suffered from depression and still experiences anxiety attacks, quarantine and the entirety of the pandemic is pushing me over the edge. Now that we must face this matter seriously, anxiety levels may be at an all-time high.

One serious matter that continues to trouble many people who suffer from anxiety is distinguishing symptoms of COVID-19 to their anxiety attack symptoms. Irregular breathing or chest pains stands out as a top concern, ultimately leading many to assume the worst. However, there are even more other aspects of quarantine that are worsening mental health as the days go by. 

 Social distancing and self-quarantines are keeping everyone from getting their daily dose of social interaction. Hanging out with friends and simply just getting out of the house is one of the best remedies to keep the mind positively moving. 

 During times like this, there is very little positivity around us. We are not able to go meet up with friends and are advised to stay in the house as much as possible. Of course, it is for the benefits of our health, but now the mental side of things is taking a toll.

 Surrounded by the constant news and social media trends of the spread of coronavirus is just creating more worry and anxiety than ever before. But, that is just what life is like right now, and we have to find ways to suppress our stress.

 Like many students are experiencing now, living in a chaotic home can lead to furthering a chaotic mind. Being home with the whole family again and still trying to keep up on school work could ultimately be a trigger for depressive episodes and stress. 

 The routine of having a job or classes to go to has also been diminished to very little. Without work, many people are facing the struggle of no income, which is adding more stress to the mind. Being stuck at home for too long definitely builds up the tension of cabin fever. Isolation is leaving us feeling alone and unmotivated. 

 The prevention of normal activities may be putting a strain on our sanity and slowly deteriorating our mental health. However, there are still simple things we can do to stay motivated and improve our mental health while in quarantine. 

 To keep the mind positive, being creative could be really beneficial for both a healthy mind and a productive day. Painting, drawing, creating playlists, writing and many other activities will take away boredom and encourage positivity in our minds. 

 Since many people depend on working out and going to the gym to stay stress-free, the closing of gyms may be causing more turmoil than originally thought. Home workouts are still possible, though. This could also be a good time to get out of the house for runs, walks, or bike rides. 

 Staying motivated for school is also something a lot of students are dealing with. The college environment has been taken away from us, but there are still simple fixes to keep work on track. Using a planner and keeping school work locations separate from personal spaces is key to remaining driven. 

 Although this experience is something we never would have imagined, we have to roll with the punches. Mental health is highly important to keeping a healthy body and lifestyle, so there are simple changes that can be made to keep every aspect of our lives as healthy as can be.

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