Amber Heard: Not so Innocent

By Michaela Thomas

Actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are back in the news due to new evidence about abuse allegations which prove Heard was not as innocent as she would like people to believe.

If any remember, Depp and Heard were married for 15 months before they decided to file for divorce in 2016 and once they got to court things got messy and they got messy really fast. During the divorce proceedings, Heard claimed that Depp was physically and emotionally abusive towards her.

The divorce became very public, with the media and many individuals on Heard’s side advocating for her that she was a victim of abuse. Depp’s career suffered severely.

Depp was removed from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and his performance in Fantastic Beasts was greatly criticized. Meanwhile Heard saw a boost in her career by signing on more acting projects and appearing in numerous commercials.

The divorce reached a $7 million settlement. Heard also released an op-ed that was urging women to come forward about their own abuse allegations and electing politicians who will fight for changes to laws and social norms. 

In this op-ed, Heard recounted her experience with abuse. While Heard did not openly name Depp or any specific person in her allegations many interpreted her statements were in reference to him.

March 1, 2019, Depp filed for a defamation lawsuit and April 10, Heard filed a motion to dismiss these claims detailing her alleged abuse. On May 20, Depp said that Heard faked her injuries. So the court proceedings between these two have been very public but now things seem to have come to a head.

Recent audio tapes between Heard and Depp were released and they do not paint Heard in the best light. She is verbally abusive to Depp, admits to hitting him and even taunts him to tell others of the abuse and see if people would believe him.

These audio recordings seem to support comments made in Depp’s defamation case where he named Amber as the abuser and himself as the victim. 

All I can say about the situation is that I am disgusted, upset and I hope that Heard receives major backlash over this incident. This woman basically ruined Depp’s life by claiming that she was nothing more than a victim.

She did not have any real proof of the abuse other than just a couple of photos of some broken photos, torn out hair and slight red marks on her face. A lot of the allegations she stated were word of mouth and people just believed them without proper due process. 

This entire time she was going around saying she was the victim when in actuality she is starting to look more like the perpetrator. It is even coming out that in 2009 Heard was arrested for assault and domestic violence against her then-girlfriend Tasha van Ree. 

So not only does Heard already have a background of her being the aggressor but instead of just having a quiet divorce she decided to lie and gain more sympathy.  The really sickening part is that the media is not even apologizing to Depp but is still trying to feign Heard’s innocence. 

They are trying to dance around the subject by saying things like we really don’t know who is wrong in the situation and I think that is total and utter crap. It is people like Heard who make it extremely hard for actual victims of assault to be taken seriously 

Now I will admit that I do not know if Depp was abusive or not. I cannot sit here and say with absolute certainty that he did nothing wrong, but because of the leaking of these tapes, I am finding it incredibly hard to believe anything that Heard would say. 

What irritates me even more is how innocent Heard was trying to make herself seem to others. She made herself an advocate of assault and domestic violence. She claimed that she was a voice to those who were silent when it is not looking like she is more of the aggressor than ever. 

I just find it incredibly unfair that Depp seems to be the only one getting hurt in the situation now that there is actual proof that Heard was not innocent as she would like to seem.

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