Say goodbye to SpartanWeb and hello to Workday

by Iovanna Borjas

On Monday, Feb. 3 the Office of Information Technology and Security (ITS) at The University of Tampa launched the second largest milestone of the Workday project to all students and faculty members. This will be the first time all students will have access to the platform as it will progressively replace the currently used SpartanWeb. 

According to Shelley Wells, Workday communications and planning specialist, the platform will have many features that will facilitate the way students navigate through their University of Tampa accounts. 

“One of the many benefits of Workday is its ease of navigation and mobile friendly [feature],” said Wells. “[Students] can log into Workday Student via MyUTampa to view or update personal information, view academic progress (degree audit) and more.” 

Through Workday, students will be able to access a variety of functions that are currently available on SpartanWeb. In March, they will have access to tasks related to the Registrar’s and Bursar’s office, such as payments and class registration. 

All data and information is expected to be transferred from SpartanWeb to Workday by September 2020. 

Students will have to register for the fall semester via Workday. However, according to Gianna Nicholas, academic program specialist for the First Year Experience program, students will be able to access SpartanWeb to register for all summer classes.

“All students in BAC or HON classes will be trained on it,” said Nicholas. “Some of them are starting in March and others will be trained in their classroom; it will be an overview of what to expect and how to navigate [Workday].”

Nicholas said that she has not heard students talking much about Workday as it is a relatively new platform for them. However, she said that she has used Workday in the past to hire students to work on campus. 

“Once you get the hang of it gets easier but this is a whole new trait the system has for everybody,” said Nicholas. “There will be some bumps and things but I am sure that overtime this will smooth out.” 

The Minaret ran a non-scientific poll among faculty about how confident they were about the transition between SpartanWeb and Workday. Out of the 23 professors who answered, two were very confident, 14 were somewhat confident and seven were not confident enough. 

One professor commented “why is this so hard to implement?” While another added, “Workday has been set up to make life easier for administrators and academic leaders, putting more effort, time, and work on faculty and students.”

An anonymous UT faculty member said that his experience with Workday hasn’t always been a positive one. 

“[Workday] is not intuitive unless you know the exact words so it is time consuming and frustrating,” he said. “No one has ever reached out to ask and get our input about it. The support team does answer my questions but they usually just send me to the website.”

Even though first-year students will receive Workday training on their classes, upper-level students will have to sign up for specific training days through the website. This information was released by the Information Technology and Security team via an email sent out to all students. The first training session took place on Friday, Feb. 7 and it will be followed by five more sessions until Thursday, March 19. 

Brendan Maloney, junior marketing major, said he has not heard about the training sessions. 

“I would love to attend one of them, it would probably be helpful to understand Workday better,” said Maloney. “I have had some minor problems in the past, like not being able to submit my working hours and not being paid in time.”

Maloney said he thinks the transition will be an upgrade when it comes to the software. 

“Spartanweb wasn’t a very updated platform and everyone knows it has flaws,” said Maloney. “Students will definitely be ready for this change, but it will take some time to adjust.” 

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