Trump impeachment trial proves further corruption

By Jacob Geller

On Wednesday, Dec. 18, the House of Representatives voted to approve the articles of impeachment against President Trump. Hearings on impeachment were held after a formal investigation was launched by Representative Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee. 

The investigation determined that the president attempted to solicit an investigation into campaign rival Joe Biden through the Ukranian government. If the Ukrainian government did not comply, military aid to the country would be frozen indefinitely. Further, the investigation determined that the president attempted to obstruct the congressional search. 

The House of Representatives determined that the president has committed two constitutionally impeachable acts, abuse of powers (criminal bribery and wire fraud) and obstruction of congress (same as obstruction of justice). After various hearings, the House voted almost entirely on party-lines. The democratic majority voted for while the republican minority voted against, while a few from both sides voted across party-lines.

President Trump is now the third president in U.S. history to have been impeached. Now, the Senate is locked in heated debate in order to determine whether the crimes committed by the president warrant his removal from office.

It was highly speculated that senate majority leader/evil human-tortoise Mitch McConnell, would attempt to rush through and make a mockery of the senate trial in order to protect president Trump. In a stunning act of political genius, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi withheld the articles of impeachment from the Senate until McConnell would guarantee a fair and proper trial.   

Democrats got some of their wishes granted when Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was appointed to lead the trial. On Thursday, Jan. 16, the articles of impeachment were formally delivered to the Senate. Now, we are currently undergoing a historic trial to determine both the fate of our corrupt president and the fate of our nation. 

The prosecution consists of widely well-regarded politicians and attorneys, including Rep. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler. The president’s hand-selected legal team consists of disgraced attorneys with incredibly dubious pasts, including Alan Dershowitz (defended OJ Simpson, Jeffery Epstein and Harvey Weinstein) and conspiracy-theorist/attorney Jay Sekulow. 

Mitch McConnell has done everything in his power in order to hinder the investigation in favor of the president under the guise that the trial is “unconstitutional” and “unfair” towards president  Trump. He has threatened fellow republican senators to oppose the trial and vote on party-lines despite the mountain incriminating evidence. 

Further, he has attempted to pass resolutions to hold the hearings in the dead of night in order to prevent citizens from watching live. Worst of all, he is attempting to prevent witnesses being subpoenaed. McConnell, along with Senator Lindsay Graham have already announced that they have made-up their minds and determined that the president is completely innocent. 

This completely destroys the notion of a fair trial. In a court of law, if a member of the jury states that they have already made-up their minds before the trial even begins, they would be removed from the bench. Senators of the jury in a trial of removal and any attempt of obstruction should be met with removal from trial.

President Donald J. Trump is guilty of federal crimes held against him and he should be immediately met with removal from office in order to protect the constitutional integrity of our nation bestowed upon us by the founding fathers.  

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