Brett Kavanaugh: The dangerous wrong model of our yout

By Robin Bakker

Just when you thought it was over, he comes back with even more issues. Just when you thought it was bad, it gets worse.

For anyone who lives under a rock, Brett Kavanaugh is an associate justice of the Supreme Court, nominated by no other than President Donald Trump. Starting in July of 2018, women began to come out saying that they have known Kavanaugh for quite some time and they were sexually assaulted by him when they were younger.

By September 2018, about 65 women signed a letter saying they have been sexually harassed by him. And what was done about this? The president that has once said, “if [Ivanka] weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her,” comes to his defense. And then he proceeds to blame the democrats for the FBI not finding out about these allegations earlier.  In a not so surprising end, Kavanaugh was released with “too little of proof.” His name slowly left the media’s eye, until now.

With it marking a year since the allegations started, the women have been wanting answers and justice more than ever. More witnesses are starting to come up to the stand. Deborah Ramirez, a former classmate of Kavanaugh, was one of the women to make an accusation last fall. She decided to come back with new details. With it, a report saying that none of the 25 witnesses she provided were not followed up by the FBI.

Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, the journalists who wrote the report after 10 months of research, have come to the conclusion that Ramirez is telling the truth and actually talked to the other witnesses to fully know the truth. 

Even a classmate, Max Steir, has gone to the FBI and senators to say that he has seen Kavanaugh in action forcing his penis in the hands of drunk women. Now I understand that our men in office don’t like listening to what women have to say, but to not listen to another male? Now we have something to worry about.

Impeachment has now been added to the conversation. Trump has tweeted that the democrats are wanting to impeach “an innocent man who has been treated HORRIBLY,” and wants to turn Kavanaugh into a democrat. As if the democrats are going to want him on their side.

Some conservatives believe that the democrats are using this just to put a republican under a bad name. But they also add that “they are handing the election to President Trump,” according to 

With the allegations, Trump uses them to make himself look good, as if a fake tan and fake hair will ever look good. What should actually be happening, is that Trump looks bad to all the women voting since he is backing up a man with proof against him that he has sexually assaulted women.  

And it might not help that Trump has had the same accusations against him too. We have been supporting this behavior in our government for far too long. I also guess that the women who do support Trump also don’t realize that he is trying to take away their right to vote. But, that’s besides the point. 

When little boys get a wind of these actions, what are they supposed to think? That no matter what they do when they grow up, it will have no effect on the future? That they can take advantage of any girl whenever they want and still become an almighty powerful man? 

In today’s day and age, we have video proof of a frat boy on twitter getting mad that girls didn’t ask for consent to take his chocolate milk. So, these boys know that you can’t take someone else’s chocolate milk without asking but you can take a girl’s innocence and dignity without hesitation? 

Don’t get me wrong, I would be mad if someone took my chocolate milk too. But these boys don’t know the half of it. Girls lose a part of themselves when they get taken advantage of. The store is right down the street, go buy another milk jug. Rape victims can’t go to the store to buy back emotional trauma.

Trump backing up Kavanaugh is just ironic in its self. But, when a lot of boys and males vote for Trump because “it’s funny” or they just want to see how it would turn out is the worst part. These males don’t understand what they started. They gave the power to a man who has said in a video “grab her right in the pussy” and then proceeds to elect a man with known allegations. They witnessed that rape has been more normalized in our culture. 

So let me ask you this, if you had 65 males speaking up about the same girl taking their chocolate milk, would you really want her in a powerful position?

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