Trump exonerated – a national embarrassment

By Jacob Geller

Just when you thought this despicable presidential administration couldn’t possibly get any worse, they somehow manage to top whatever imbecilic actions they commit on a daily basis. On March 22, President Donald Trump was exonerated from apparent collusion with the Russian Government. However, the details around this apparent exoneration are very sketchy.

On Feb. 14, Trump announced his new Attorney General, William Barr, after the sudden firing of his previous Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Just like everyone else in Trump’s presidential cabinet, Barr comes from a suspicious background.

Barr served as Attorney General for President George H. W. Bush and was a key figure in covering up the Iran-Contra Scandal, which revolved around the illegal selling of weapons to Iran and militants in Nicaragua. While also assuring characters like Ronald Reagan or Oliver North to  not receive punishment for their crimes against America.

It appears Barr has graduated from covering up political scandals to covering up acts of treason.

On May 17,a special council was appointed by Congress to investigate apparent meddling by Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election. This investigation was headed by former FBI director, Robert Mueller, and dozens of the best attorneys this country has to offer.

Two years and 34 indictments later, the investigation has finally concluded. A 300 page report was handed-over by the Mueller team to AG Barr and the Justice Department. Two days later, Barr published a four-page summary on this massive report, detailing his own personal opinions on how to deal with the issue.

Barr concluded that there was not enough evidence to pursue a case against the president. Despite clear evidence of collusion, obstruction of justice and dozens of indictments against Trump’s own campaign advisors.

Now, Barr is refusing to release Mueller’s memo to the public.

To give you an example of this instance of hypocrisy, at its finest, let’s discuss the Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky scandal. When Clinton was found to have been unfaithful to his wife, the Republican controlled Congress launched a massive investigation.

A 400 page document was written detailing the scandal. That document was released by Congress almost instantly. No summary, no shenanigans. It seems the rules of decency and standards only apply to Democratic politicians.

Why are the Republicans refusing to release this document? If Trump is so innocent, why not allow the American people to view the evidence and decide for themselves? Perhaps, Trump isn’t as innocent as he wants Americans to believe.

If Trump was guilty, wouldn’t Mueller publicly state that the president must be impeached and held accountable for his crimes?

There is currently a major constitutional question being presented here: can a sitting president be charged of any crimes? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. We simply have to wait until the Supreme Court decides the verdict of this issue themselves.

This is the most logical explanation as to why Mueller did not want to pursue a criminal case against Trump. Rather, he wants to use this document as a “roadmap” for Congress to pursue their own independent investigation of the president. In this case, they will be able to come to their own conclusions and, potentially, invoke the articles of impeachment against him.

The conclusion of this investigation rests entirely upon the American people. . The people must demand their representatives to have the Mueller memo released to the public and not let this hypocrisy slide.

They say that democracy dies in darkness. Do not let the darkness win, we must fight for truth and justice. Hypocrisy and corruption will not kill the ideals that make our country great. Stand up for what is right, and lets make our country truly great again, united together.  

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