Kevin Hart’s controversial tweet backfires

By Rachael Ramchand

Kevin Hart, stand-up comedian and actor, declined the opportunity to host this year’s Oscars. His name was slandered in the headlines after his homophobic tweets resurfaced in wake of this announcement after almost 10 years. It was disheartening to hear this, since his vibrant personality would have definitely been a major highlight of the night.

With social media being a favored source for entertainment and gossip, many of its users tend to follow the popular trends, without understanding the full story.

“I do not want to be a distraction on the night that should be celebrated by so many talented artists,” said Hart via Twitter. “I sincerely apologize to the LGBTQ community for my insensitive words from my past.”

Treating others with respect, regardless of their views on problematic issues, is a true sign of character. Not everyone is going to agree with you. However, that is not an excuse to mock their views nor be unkind. On the other hand, admitting to your wrong-doings and apologizing to those that you have offended can also be a true sign of character – and this is exactly what Hart did.

The controversial posts were written back in 2009 and were acknowledged and addressed by the comedian a few years ago.

Social media has made it increasingly difficult for people to move on from their mistakes made online. Fortunately, people learn and they grow. From this, they may become more aware of themselves and how they treat others.

On the Ellen show in January, Hart stated that he initially chose to ignore the issue because he didn’t want it to become any bigger than it already had. He explained that ever since he apologized for those derogative tweets, he has had 10 years to put his apology into play. The actor appeared to be frustrated and hurt about it all, especially since hosting the Oscars was a goal that he wanted to achieve.

There are many other instances of celebrities who have done unfavorable acts long ago, but have not been publicly criticized for it again in the future. This generation of social media users do have a tendency to highlight people’s flaws and mistakes, since many of its most popular users, Kylie Jenner, Cristiano Ronaldo and others all appear to have perfect bodies, faces, clothes, which their audiences admire greatly. However, if they are seen with any sort of imperfection, their spotlight can be dented, and depending on the celebrity, these users may or may not revive the issue – like what occurred with Hart.

On Dec. 6, he posted a video to his Instagram, with a caption explaining that he isn’t going to allow all the negativity to affect him and his positive state of mind. He loves who he has become, and learned from his mistakes made in the past.

The comedian has unequivocally addressed this matter with the utmost consideration for the artists nominated. He has also made it clear to the public that he refuses to be continuously condemned for the act – responding to all the negative comments directed at him with positivity.

Since then, Hart has now moved on from this incident, and is currently promoting his new heart-felt comedy, The Upside, in theaters now. A film based on a true story, with co-star Bryan Cranston.

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