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Adrian Bush leads men’s soccer to the top

By Travis Politakis

With the Spartans 3-2 overtime victory over Embry-Riddle on Wednesday Oct. 10, UT Men’s soccer coach Adrian Bush became the all-time winningest coach in UT History, with 138 total wins. This was one of the bright spots for the Spartans this season, who have won two games so far.

Bush has an outstanding  136-81-22 record over 13 seasons as the Spartans head coach.

“To be honest, I was just happy for my players. They have been working so hard, at the time it was our sixth overtime game and I was very happy for them to get a positive result,” said Bush. “To walk back in the locker room after the game and hear them singing in celebration as a team was refreshing. This is a great group of players who have stayed true to the process from our opening day.”

While Bush is happy for his players, the players are overjoyed for him. With Bush’s personal history with UT, they know how special this record is for him.

“Coach [Bush] breaking the record shows how much he has done for the program. He started out as a player and is now the all-time wins leader in UT history,” said Ramzi Toure, senior defender. “Coach [Bush] is a true Spartan and he has given everything to this program.”

Bush has brought UT great amounts of success as UT soccer has had seven appearances in the NCAA Tournament over the last eleven years. In 2017, Bush guided the Spartans to their third Sunshine State Conference Tournament Championship, and was named the NSCAA South Region Coach of the Year in 2016.  

Coach Bush became a Spartan in 1990, and he was the captain of the team when they won the 1994 national championship. He is proud to see how the university has grown over the years since his best moments at UT have come from being a Spartan.

“President Vaughn has completely transformed our University into one of the top Business Programs in the country,”said Bush. “As an alumni, I am so proud and his vision in the pursuit of excellence cannot be matched. I love coming to work each day with the coaches we have in the entire athletic department-it is family.”

Coach Bush has been impactful to his players as well. According to Toure, they have been through a long journey of ups and downs, however, the team has great moments to remember with Bush.

“If I could highlight any point I would highlight the South Region Championship in 2016, and the Conference Championship in 2017 as my most memorable moments with coach.” Toure said.

Bush has not only been a soccer coach for Toure, but also a mentor. Their relationship has only strengthened over the years.

“Coach Bush has really helped me improve both as a player and a person,” Toure said. “I am forever grateful for everything he’s done for me and I think I have become a more mature man on and off the field.”

Bush has also had some people who helped him along his journey as both a player and as a coach.

“I would say my mother Mia who really instilled the work ethic and character values I have today,” said Coach Bush. His mother supported Bush, even through injuries and tough times.

Despite the two-win season, Coach Bush and the team are still optimistic about the future of UT Soccer.

“Next is getting back to work and looking to prepare for our next game,” Bush said. “We have important games to be played this season and we say there is nothing more important than the next one… I feel the experiences on the field have taught all of us a lot but we have really come together as a team in the bigger things in life off the field. I believe in this group, they are Spartans,” said Bush.

The Spartans were able to win their final game 4-0 against Saint Leo, finishing the season strong.

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