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The team formed by three UT students for the Red Bull Can You Make It competition, also known as the Young Dreamerz, was selected to go to Europe and compete starting April 10.

The team comprises creator and leader Narenzo Kershaw, a junior film major, Jomely Breton, a sophomore international business and marketing major and Tyler Santos, a freshman entrepreneurship major. Out of the thousand teams that competed to be selected, The Young Dreamerz is one of the 200 teams that will compete in Europe.

“When I heard we won and got selected, I couldn’t stop smiling, to the point that my cheeks started to hurt,”  Santos said.

One of the requirements in the selection process, in addition to the 60-second video, was to submit an essay describing and explaining the team’s personality and their main goal.

“I think what really made us win the selection besides the video was the team’s essay,”  Kershaw said. “We explained that we aspire to show that as a team, we have that drive to motivate others. To show content creators and artistic kids that don’t know how and don’t have the financial background to start, that you can, that when most things are not really in your favor, when nothing is handed to you that everything is possible.”

Winning teams are flown to five different cities in Europe: Madrid, Budapest, Manchester, Stockholm and Rome. Every team is required to hand over their phones, cards and cash in return for 24 cans of Red Bull. Throughout the competition, teams have to complete as many tasks from the Adventure List and visit various checkpoints in European cities, where they are given more Red Bull cans to exchange. Teams have one week to use those cans as currency to travel from their starting point to the final destination: Amsterdam.

Kershaw, Santos and Breton will start in Madrid and create their own journey and score towards Amsterdam.

Each team will receive a kit including a team mobile phone, a map, business cards for the main event, safety instructions, and a backpack on top of the 24 cans of Red Bull. Competitors may only bring one extra backpack each that contains clothing, personal care items, umbrellas, ID, etc., according to Red Bull’s rules and terms of participation in Can You Make It.

The mobile phone provided by Red Bull is only intended to record and upload the content of each team’s adventures during their journey as they go through Europe. Each team will have a page on the Red Bull website that connects to Facebook and Twitter with a link for followers to follow.

Each team’s score is based on the completion of the different Checkpoint Challenges, tasks from the Adventure List and followers on the team’s Red Bull Social Media as the competition progresses.

“For the people watching by following the competition in Social Media, we want to give the best adventure content and represent UT,”  Breton said.

The purpose of the competition is not about the first team to reach the final destination, but how they reach it. Young Dreamerz’s adventures and the content they create during the competition will be the deciding factor between winning and losing.

“I think it’s going to be fun; maybe we are not going to be the winning team,” Breton said. “Just because we’re actually competing against the whole world, so it’s going to be tough. I’m just happy we made it to finalists and we are going to Europe to have an awesome experience.”

Teams must visit at least six checkpoints before reaching Amsterdam. At each of them they will be tasked with a challenge that will test their body and mind according to the official Red Bull website for the competition.

For Santos, as long as he has his camera he’ll become a risk taker. Even though the competition will be tough and require him to leave his introverted side behind, Santos doesn’t think it will be an impossible challenge.

“When you first get there don’t look at everybody that is there as competition but look at them as a group of friends, you have to go into it with a happy heart and mind,” said Kate Wenzel, 25, member of a 2014 team from UF, The Beach Bull Blondies. “When you feel that you want to quit don’t because it’s followed by something extraordinary. So many times we wanted to quit, and we pushed on and it was followed by the most monumental experience.”

According to a recent article by Red Bull on the competition, Steven Yalowitz stated five main tips for a successful experience in the competition which are: Don’t hesitate; seek forgiveness, not permission; believe; smile and have fun.

“The biggest thing is to enjoy yourself,”  Yalowitz said. “It’s going to be a crazy week and you can’t really plan anything beforehand; everything is going to happen in front of you, so just be ready to experience new adventures, have an open mind, and be spontaneous.”

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