Alum helps UT get fit with FitEx meals


Michael Neophytou, ‘13, had a brain tumor removed during his time at UT. A scar lies just above his left ear, serving as a reminder of his second chance. After his surgery, he made the decision to move forward and live healthier.

“I decided to get into fitness and health more––to start eating better and taking better care of myself. Everyone noticed my transformation,” Neophytou said.

After graduating from UT, Neophytou decided to jump into a business venture called FitEx Meals, Inc., that would help others build those meal portioning habits. He started FitEx September 2016, and has since brought on another alum, Anthony Tingley, ‘17, to help oversee the business’s marketing practices.

“A lot of people struggle with portion control, so that’s kind of where we’re coming in with all of our meals,” Tingley said.

FitEx Meals offers a rotating menu filled with flavorful 400-500 calorie meals already prepped and ready to be popped in the oven. Meal Boxes are stuffed to the brim with a variety of meal options ranging from cheeseburger to quesadilla delicacies. Over 300 meals circulate the rotating menu each week.

“The whole premise is to make people’s lives easier and more healthy,” Neophytou said.

While at UT, Neophytou’s friends would ask him for nutrition advice. He found the healthiest foods were “enemy foods” most traditional diets would do away with: Carbs, but with a catch.

Contrary to popular belief, carbs aren’t the enemy. The best method is to hit your eating habits where they hurt and learn meal portioning, according to Neophytou.

FitEx Meals offers 5 percent off for UT students with the use of the code “UT” and delivery services just in case students don’t have the time to make it to their store located at 1906 N Himes Ave. FitEx also offers the convenience factor:  a couple minutes in the microwave is all it takes to create a mouthwatering meal of your choosing.

FitEx gives affordable plans to start clients out. The main point is the people and their goals, according to Neophytou. He said FitEx is working with clients to make sure they meet their goals, whether that be to lose weight or to gain muscle. They make the meal plan that will help you get there.

“We’re not here to get rich,” Neophytou said. “Being here to help is more important.”

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