Student Government’s First Month in Office



Speaker of assembly Kevin Cooney announced the newly appointed members of Student Government at on Sept. 26. Student Government (SG) had four students running for the position of freshman senator, two for campus-wide and one for the senior class.

The results are in: freshman representatives are Abby Byrne and Dannielle Roque. As for campus-wide senators, Pearson Proctor and Carter Haines were elected. Dara Hoffman was elected as senior senator.  

Haines states with her new position she looks to “encourage student involvement throughout UT’s campus.” Student government is responsible for distributing money to organizations, Dara Hoffman explains “we just did an appropriation for a sustainability event, organizations should receive money for events that better the UT community.”

Student Government (SG) has had their first few weeks in office and are beginning to shape their goals for the upcoming year. Aislinn Sroczynski, SG president, said she has focused the start of this year on strengthening the sustainability of SG.

“Basically, we need to make sure our organization is a well-oiled machine in order to better assist other student organizations,” Sroczynski said.

Sroczynski has stated this year SG is heavily focused on maintaining a structured system of documenting their work. Past administrations have left new leadership to figure it out for themselves with no documentation of what was done in the previous year or how they did it, according to Sroczynski.  

“We are looking to make directional books for the future as well as organize and revamp SG,” Sroczynski explains. “This also includes doing a full sweep-through of our bylaws and finance code and creating new legislation to update outdated rules and make new ones in light of changes on our campus.”

One project students can look forward to is the opening of the Student Government Career Closet, a place students can rent business clothes for free. The Career Closet will be open to students starting in October.  The closet will be located in Plant Hall 231A. It will rely on donations of business clothing from fellow UT students.  

“I think it will provide a great resource for students who didn’t bring those types of clothes to school but still want to attend events like the Campus Career Fairs that require them,” said Alexandra Stinson, a freshman political science major. “It could really promote UT students getting out there and taking advantage of what downtown Tampa has to offer career-wise.”  

Over the summer, Sroczynski met with members of IT and discussed plans to install printers on the second floor of Starbucks. Sroczynski cannot make any promises yet while the idea is still awaiting approval.  

Stinson hopes to see student government work on a very personal level with students and be able to see the change SG is making on campus.  Dannielle Roque, a newly appointed freshman representatives states she wants to “encourage diversity among students and allow them to stand up for what they believe in.”  Roque’s fellow freshman representative, Abby Byrne shows her enthusiasm saying “we are all very excited for this year and learn more about organizations on campus.”

Sroczynski has already set plans into motion to let students voice their opinions with the  arrangement of a round table and presentation with representative Kathy Castor. This is to discuss her policies in regards to our student loans this would allow students to give their concerns directly to the congresswoman.  

“There is no better way to encourage participation in Student Government than to address issues people actually care about,” Stinson said.  

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