Life, liberty and lifestyle: Navigating a path to success


When it comes to being a college student, there isn’t a manual or personal guide to tell you everything is the way it should be. It is up to you as a growing adult to make the most of your time, in order to put you on that “path to success.” You know, the one we have all been told to travel at some point. There are three main parts of everyone’s lives, that if kept up to a standard, can put you on that right path to success.

“Life” meaning your everyday responsibilities as an adult, “liberty” referring to your social life along with growing friendships, and most importantly your “lifestyle,” describing your physical well-being and health choices. Your lifestyle is most important because it determines how you will grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. Your health and physical fitness tie into a lot of your daily decisions, because they coincide with your overall mentality as well.

To start, there is life itself and everything that comes with it. Right now life is as simple as going to class, doing schoolwork, being productive with your living situation, and even potentially working a job. It can be stressful at times but if you do what you need to do, it becomes a part of your life that will just develop into a simple everyday routine. In reality, it is what an average adult in America does everyday, and it is all about how you manage your time.

With that comes liberty, the part of your life that includes friends, socials, and interacting with others. Your social life is just as important as your independent responsibilities growing up. Networking and making lifelong friendships is critical to you as a developing adult, because it teaches you important life lessons, and can help you excel in what you want to do growing up. Balancing liberty and life are two of the hardest parts to juggle, because a lot of times they go hand in hand, making you have to focus on one more often than the other. You are constantly faced with decisions that will either allow you to get your responsibilities in check, or hang out with friends and have a good time. Whatever decision you make determines how far you will go in life, but most importantly decide which direction you are headed.

Despite life and liberty being influenced by others when it comes to important choices, such as your parents’ and friend’s inputs, your lifestyle is completely controlled by you. The way you choose to live– your eating decisions, health choices, and how you carry yourself– all tie into that lifestyle part of life. Without this part, you would not be able to live or be free, because your health is most important. Fitness should be an important component of everyone’s life, and it is not as complicated as most make it. It is understandable that you have a busy college schedule and want to make the most of your experience, but your health has to be a priority as well. If you make a plan, find what drives you, and execute, then everything else will just fall into place.

It all starts with your mindset, having a vision of what you want and then making a plan to execute it. It should be easier than the life and liberty components discussed earlier, in the sense of how you as an individual knows right from wrong when it comes to making healthy decisions, compared to knowing how financing a car works in the real world. All it takes is setting aside 45 minutes to one hour a day, for a workout at the gym, to help you push yourself in becoming a better version of you. In addition, choosing what you eat throughout the day should be a no brainer, especially if you plan ahead, and map out your health objectives. For college students, the campus gym and intramurals are the best ways to keep an active lifestyle, along with balancing responsibilities and social life.

As a young adult, if you successfully balance life, liberty, and lifestyle you will put yourself on that path to success earlier than most of your peers.

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