The Amanda Show: Voges and Rom set milestones



Being teammates is one thing, but developing a friendship along the way makes for a stronger connection on the field. For two attackers on the women’s lacrosse team, their friendship on and off the field brings both the players the bond necessary to thrive on the field.

“I would consider Mannie [Amanda Voges] to be one of my best friends,” junior attacker Amanda Rom said. “Over the past two years we have grown very close, this has been very helpful to our chemistry on the field. Most of my points are from assists, and I definitely couldn’t have reached my 100th point without Mannie.”

Rom pulled out her 100th point against Queens N.C., a game that resulted in a loss for women’s lacrosse, but a milestone for her. Rom is the second player to gain her 100th point in the four years of the women’s lacrosse program senior attacker Amanda Voges became the first last season. Voges, this season, has continued to put the work in on the field as she scored her 100th goal on March 1 against Young Harris.

“Being the first lacrosse girl to achieve 100 points as a junior and 100 goals as a senior was a huge deal to me and such a great feeling and accomplishment,” Voges said.

On top of players scoring goals, in lacrosse, players can earn points by scoring a goal or assisting on a score.

With a 19-7 loss against Queens N.C. on April 3, Rom was concentrated on the intensity of the game to notice her accomplishment. She later described as being an exciting moment that meant a lot to her. Rom said the amount of hard work the team puts in everyday at practice and in every game, she could not have achieved 100 points without the entire team.

Voges said she’s proud and happy to see her teammate and friend to be the second person to reach 100 points in UT’s women’s lacrosse history.

“We play the same position, so we work very well together,” Voges said. “We always see each other on the field and make things happen together for a positive outcome.”

Head Coach Kelly Gallagher said both players are fun to coach for their dedication to the team. They both want to see the team succeed, so they put in the work to make it happen, according to Gallagher.

“Where Amanda Rom is much more of a great finesse player, Amanda Voges is all about power,” Gallagher said. “Even as Attackers, they both are incredibly hungry when it comes to getting the ball back in our ride. Each of these young women are incredibly competitive and it is a great part of having them play together.”

After scoring her 100th goal, Voges said she didn’t realize her accomplishment until it was announced at the home opener, this season. The team entered the game positive and ready to get the job done. She remembered tearing up and shaking inside as her teammates erupted into screams and cheers. It was an amazing feeling to score that 100th goal, Voges said.

Rom was proud to see history being made again by her friend after Voges hit her 100th goal milestone.

Voges was a part of the first recruiting class for women’s lacrosse when the program entered its first season during the 2013-2014 school year. With the first recruiting class gearing up for the final few games left of the season, Voges is excited for the future of the program.

“I am very happy to leave this program better than when I found it–I can’t wait to keep up with them and see all the great accomplishments to happen in the future,” Voges said.

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