The Queenax officially opens for students outside of fitness classes


The Queenax officially opened for the use of all UT students on March 20. This piece of equipment is made by Precor and provides students with one of the world’s most unique modular functional training systems.

“It definitely provides exercises that are a lot more challenging, for example, archer pushups,” said Robert Corsi, freshman marketing major and weight room supervisor. “There are a lot of unique things that you can do that you can’t find elsewhere.”

Previously the Queenax was only available for a group fitness class. The title of this class is Queenax and is mainly instructed by student personal trainer Greg Slaton, whose speciality is the Queenax. It is offered every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday during the evening.

The reason it was not open for immediate use was because it risked possibility of injury.

“A lot of people that come in here are looking at Youtube videos, but don’t actually know how it works,” said Troix Adams, junior management major and weight room supervisor. “The gym itself wanted to make sure we have someone in here and enough staff to monitor it, to ensure that nobody is getting hurt.”

The weight room staff, which consists of 15-20 employees, have been trained on the Queenax. They all had to attend a five hour long training session. These are the staff members that will be monitoring use and instructing those who need assistance to prevent injury.

Now, the Queenax is available Monday through Thursday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sundays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“Since its public opening the Queenax has been used a lot more frequently,” said Cameron Bridger facility supervisor. “The TRX and the battle ropes seem to be very popular.”

Though there is new availability for this equipment, the group fitness class still remains a part of the Spring 2017 schedule.

“It’s kind of like ninja warrior,” said Adams. “You can do a bunch of different functional training through bands, bars, ropes, anything. As long as you’re trained on this piece of equipment, it’ll be a full body workout.”


Photo by Sideya Dill/ The Minaret

The Queenax can be used for multiple purposes, but it centers on functional fitness. It uses exercises that mirror everyday activities that can help improve cardiovascular endurance, conditioning, flexibility, and strength.

Anybody from a novice to an expert can utilize this equipment, and incorporate exercises that fit their personal needs. This can easily be done because the Queenax is highly configurable.  

Many different accessories can be attached to the Queenax to change variation in exercise. For example, the TRX can be used, and this accessory can work out a magnitude of different muscle groups including shoulders, chest, legs, core, etc.

“I would definitely like to check it out, I need some variation in my workout routine,” said Haley Kueltzo, freshman advertising and public relations major.

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