Students create high-intensity workout company


Thirty minutes. That’s all it takes for BoomBox Fitness instructors to teach a high-intensity interval workout, otherwise known as HIIT.

When the elevator reaches the top floor of Station House, participants walk out onto the roof to a turf-covered platform. Fairy lights are strung above the area of the workout space, and standing on the platform one can look out across the cityscape during the workout.

Monty Berrow, a junior international business and entrepreneurship major, began BoomBox Fitness in the summer of 2016 alongside his fellow friends and fitness-enthusiasts Bay Downing and Bryan Tissot. Both Downing and Tissot are also junior entrepreneurship majors. Downing and Berrow are also a part of UT’s soccer team. They all come from extensive fitness backgrounds as well.

“We’ve experienced workouts all around Europe and New York and different places in America and we wanted to bring an efficient and fun workout to the Tampa community,” Berrow said.

Berrow also said that BoomBox Fitness helps to support their lifestyles and get them through college financially, and hopefully after college as well.

On Feb. 18 at 10 a.m. BoomBox Fitness held one of their first workouts at their new location in St. Petersburg.

While they were originally located at Skyhouse in Channelside, classes are now offered at their rooftop location at Station House, a multi-purpose building that focuses on building a community as a “progressive and hip epicenter for businesses and entrepreneurs from all walks of life,” according to the Station House website.

Station House offers amenities such as coffee and tea stations, rooms for guests to hold events, and a co-working space and business club for networking.

This is the right type of community,” Berrow said. “What we want is young professionals, entrepreneurs, and people who are really motivated. We just thought this would be a great value addition to their community and a good fit for our image.”

While UT students have the option to visit the new gym on campus, Berrow said that they should come to BoomBox Fitness because they can get a great workout in a short period of time.

“It’s more efficient. It’s a half an hour workout,” Berrow said. “There’s people in the community who are business-minded, who can be great contacts for when they leave and it’s just a great community. Everyone becomes friends from it and it’s just a whole enjoyable experience where it’s more than just a workout, it’s a great way to connect with other people.”

Kardelen Ozsoy, a sophomore sports management major who works for BoomBox Fitness, said that she loves working there. She had previously worked out with the owners before working for BoomBox Fitness.

“Great atmosphere, good workout,” is how Ozsoy describes it.

All new-comers get their first class free; after that it is $20 per class or $120 for unlimited monthly classes. They also offer discounts for students and Station House members. BoomBox Fitness welcomes anyone of any experience level to take a class.

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