Putting Yourself Out There


If it wasn’t the palms trees on the front of your acceptance letter, or the Dairy Queen signage in the introduction magazine that lured you to UT, then what did? Take your reasoning and think of where you’d like to be when it’s all over, or better yet how you’d like it to end.  

College can be a frightening place, but eventually it pays off and is reminisced as one of the best experiences in existence. What you do, the strides you take and the path you create will all make you who you are after college. From move in day to the last day of classes, you don’t know what’s going to come your way. You have no control over what life has planned for you, but you do have one special power: the ability to make a great first impression. Dominate the ice-breakers, give out the random “hellos,” and don’t be afraid to get involved. UT offers so many extracurricular activities, club opportunities and non-collegiate sports programs. For example, fraternities and sororities are seen as the main gateway to becoming an involved student, some may disagree and think it’s the “easy” path, but others have carried the honor with them for decades even after becoming a UT alumni. Cristal Lopez, a senior at UT studying Allied health, took a chance by putting herself out there, playing a key role in bringing back Zeta Phi Beta in the spring of 2016.

“Being a part of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated is truly an honor. We are a community conscious, action oriented organization that strives to fight against social injustices, all with lifelong sisters by your side,” Lopez said.  “To be a Zeta means that you are a finer woman, with excellence, courage, and purity.”

It is opportunities like this that make UT the great institution it is, and the perfect place to find out who you’d like to be. The faster you become an active UT student, the more connections you will gain, making your college experience that much sweeter.

One of the hardest relationships you may face is with your roommate. Being paired up with a random person can be tricky, frustrating and amazing all at once. In the beginning it is usually all fun and games, until two months down the road when you either can’t stand the person, or they turn out to be a life long friend. More often than not, you will run into a person you do not enjoy living with. If this is the case, do everything you can to make this person comfortable with you, as their new living partner. Have no secrets, unsaid statements or “holes” in communication, because you will reap the consequences later. If college can teach you anything, it is to voice your opinion and to not be afraid to stand by it, even if no one else agrees.

Most importantly, work on compromise when it comes to your living conditions. You may not always have privacy, freedom or even a place to think, but it’s all a part of growing up. The best way to get through a problem is to understand all sides about the overall issue, work on it and move past it collectively. Besides being a personality and compromising with your roommate, make sure to adopt a routine.

There is no flaw, hiccup or problem when it comes to a schedule. Stay ahead of the pack, and don’t fall behind with all of the distractions. Parties, last minute hangouts and local outings will all come your way, but in the end, you have the last say. There is nothing wrong with taking a Friday night stroll down Soho, but do not make that a part of your daily routine. Plan accordingly, efficiently and most importantly give yourself a break from time to time. College is meant to obtain an excellent education, and you have to work hard to achieve it, but we are all human. Just remember to make your mark in some manner, make the best of your living situation, and have a bulletproof routine.

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