CrossFit Builds Bodies One Dead Lift at a Time


In only 15 years of existence, CrossFit has created one of the largest gym chains in the world. With over 10,000 location affiliates worldwide, it’s become a global phenomenon full of diehards looking to get their bodies in top shape.

The popular program consists of interval training and weight training geared to challenge every muscle group in the body. CrossFit is giving a lifestyle that promises people more than just their average workout. The competitive atmosphere motivates others to work hard and emphasizes how to eat right.

“I’ve been involved with CrossFit for about a year now at CrossFit 813. It is so convenient and only about a mile from campus. I’ve seen the transformation my body has made and there is no better feeling than a rewarding one. I am a huge fan of the idea of the bond that is built around training there rather than going to any normal gym where you aren’t pushed,” sophomore Megan Meyers said.

Despite CrossFit being dogged for years on how the high-intensity training isn’t good for your body, that isn’t enough to stop others from participating especially UT students. CrossFit 813 located on West Gray street in Tampa, just a few blocks from campus, consists of a team made up of 11 certified trainers, all with the professional experience to help provide a life changing experience.

CrossFit 813 requires all new CrossFitters to complete their free introductory class and their On-Ramp program. The class gives newbies an overview of what the program is all about, and then you will get the opportunity to workout. CrossFit 813 offers a variety of membership options for all looking to get involved. The memberships range from month to month options, three months, or a maximum of six months.

Membership Options:

Six month                 unlimited                  $145

Six month                 3x per week              $125

Three month             unlimited                  $165

Month to month       unlimited                  $185

The On-Ramp program is for anyone new to CrossFit, including those at all levels ranging from unconditioned former athletes, to stay at home moms, or someone with very little workout experience at all. There are four sessions that run about two weeks with a small group of participants and an accredited trainer at a cost of $135.

No experience is needed which makes CrossFit such a unique experience where anyone from senior citizens to athletes can participate in the workouts. Each weight, movement and number of sets can be personalized and scaled to fit your current strength and mobility.

“Sometime people can get caught up in the price, but it is truly worth every penny. I look at it this way–you can pay money to get an ordinary gym membership where you get your basic machines and equipment and have to pay additional fees for a trainer–or you can get the best exercises, equipment, and trainers all in one with a set schedule that pushes you to go,” Myers said.

Powerhouse Gym located in the heart of downtown Tampa is one of CrossFit 813’s top competitors, where many UT students get memberships. Membership fees range at Powerhouse from month to month ($109), 1-year agreements ($153 per month), or prepaid plans, along with the different levels of membership such as Gold, Platinum, or Platinum Black Memberships. With the prices set in similar range to one another Powerhouse has a number of special offers, a sand pit, rock climbing wall, a cardio area with flat screen televisions, boxing equipment, and fitness classes. The diversity that is offered at the brand new state-of-the-art facilities is what attracts students right away.

In close proximity to Powerhouse Gym is Anytime Fitness located on Kennedy Boulevard. Anytime Fitness is a smaller vanity that offers memberships from $30 to $40 a month. Members have the option to take classes, train in small groups, or hire a personal trainer for additional fees. If you are someone that is looking for the standard gym then this might be the place for you. Anytime Fitness offers a handful of cardio equipment as well as strength equipment, with a price range more accommodating for college students.

“Signing up for a membership really just depends on what you want to get out of it. If you are looking to do your own thing with a cardio machine and some weights then why not pay $40 at a cheaper gym,” Myers said. “If you want to make working out a lifestyle and feel a sense of accomplishment then CrossFit is right down your alley. I don’t regret my decision.”


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