Apps to Simplify the Life of a College Student

By Maria McGee and Ivy Velazquez

There seems to be a new app almost everyday. And while many of them are just pointless games, there are few that can be helpful. From making college life easier to making your way around a theme park, these apps are worth the download.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator is a must-have study tool for all college students. Allowing you to solve mathematical equations by swiping your finger, this innovative app tosses away standard calculator procedures. By naturally drawing out any math problem with your finger or stylus, this modern calculator uses your handwritten gestures to solve complex problems more easily. This app includes features such as undo/redo, the ability to scratch out mistakes, and the convenience of saving your work.

MyScript Calculator also provides its users with the option to export their work to other apps or even as a photo to share. With extraordinary simplicity and easy-to-use features, it is no question why this app was given the Tabby App Award for best personal productivity tool this year.

This new app is available for free download on Apple and Android devices. Once downloaded, MyScript offers an in-app purchase of the “Power Pack” for just $0.99; This add-on includes immediate reuse of previous solutions, memory to store past results and history to give the user the ability to recover all prior equations. “Every math student should download MyScript Calculator,” said the Wall Street Journal in a recent article on essential back to school accessories.


Looking to get mouth-watering food without having to move a muscle? GrubHub is the app for you. Founded in 2004, GrubHub now serves millions of diners  in 800+ cities in the United States; Here in Tampa, this modern food delivery app works with about 348 restaurants. Ranked #1 by Heavy for “Top 5 Best Free Food Delivery Apps for iPhone & Android,” GrubHub serves its purpose by linking convenience with food delivery. This app is a necessity for busy college students because it allows them to order great meals in little time, with no hassle. By simply opening the app and enabling your current location, you are provided with a variety of restaurants in your area, including their cuisine type, rating and distance. Once you tap on the restaurant of your choice, a full menu appears featuring popular items, prices and dishes by category, where you are then able to individually add items to your order. GrubHub allows their users to choose whether they want their food delivered or prepared for pick-up. If delivery is selected, you are then able to “Track Your Grub” every step of the way, through the app or by text. This advanced take-out service is equipped with a  customer service team that is available 24/7, the use of coupons and promo codes and the ability to securely store payment information as well as your addresses and previous orders. If you have not used GrubHub, your days of effortless delivery have not yet begun.

My Days X

This one is for the ladies.

Have you ever planned an event and worried that it would fall around your time of the month? Or worse, not expect it at all and end up having an accident? This app estimates when your cycle will start. It may not be super accurate for the first few months, as it has to get adjusted to your cycle, but it’s still useful to know around what time you’ll be getting your period. You can also make note of when you’ve had intercourse, if you took the pill, your blood flow, etc. The app even tells you when you’re ovulating. And multiple “profiles” can be entered, meaning more than one person can use the app to track their flow.

My Days X is available both free and to buy for $1.99 in the Google Play Store and the iTunes App store. The only real difference in the paid version is slightly better graphics, different themes to choose from and no advertisements. The free app works great for the basics.

What the Health

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and been totally grossed out by something? Maybe your dishes weren’t clean, or a cockroach crawled across your table? With “What the Health- FL,” you can figure out which are the go-to restaurants and which are the ones you want to stay far away from. It even shows scores for food trucks.

This app shows you the last time various restaurants were tested by the Health Department and the scores of all the restaurants near you, and it uses your location to figure which ones are close. Not only that, but it tells you what violations were made and if they were fixed.

Admittedly, this may reveal things that you don’t want to know. But it’s good to know whether or not the place that is serving you food knows how to keep it clean.

This app is free to install in Google Play and the App Store.

My Disney Experience

Many students have either been to or want to visit Disney World at least once. Attending college in Florida provides an ideal opportunity. But no one wants to wait in lines all day.

The My Disney Experience app provides maps of all the parks, as well as wait times and show times right there in your phone. You can even reserve a FastPass from the app by using your park ticket.

So instead of hurrying to one ride across the park, only to find the line is nearly two hours long, you can check the app and plan accordingly. This way, you can use the time you would have spent waiting in line to catch a show. Maybe the wait time will go down later and you can make your way over having gotten more out of your day. It’s also very useful for finding the nearest restaurant or bathroom. Time management at its finest.

Available on Google Play and iTunes, you do need to be at least 18 to make an account on the app. It is free and useful in making your way around the parks, whether you’re a first timer or an old pro.

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