A+E Faculty Art Exhibit

The purpose of the Scarfone/Hartley Gallery is to “exhibit works of art and host visiting artists as an extension of the classroom,” and the Adjunct Art Faculty Exhibition is a prime example of that mission. The downside to being an adjunct professor is that they’re usually not ingrained in the college’s community because they aren’t full-time faculty members. You might never hear of a particular adjunct if you don’t take their classes. UTampa’s Art Department hopes to counteract this problem with an Adjunct Art Faculty Exhibition in the Scarfone/Hartley Gallery through Sept. 25.


By showcasing some of their most recent work, the adjunct art faculty will be “providing diversity and expertise to our University of Tampa students.” The exhibit showcases over a dozen adjunct faculty members, as well as works in a variety of mediums. There are digital prints and acrylic paintings, as well as more modern mixed media installations. The exhibit itself doesn’t have a theme or set medium, so it caters to all audiences.


I spent a peaceful Saturday afternoon with the exhibit to myself, and several of the pieces really caught my eye. Samantha Burns, who teaches Beginning Drawing and Design, has two mixed media installations that consist of white block letters piled on a shelf, draped in gauze with short messages cut into the billowing fabric. Marie Yoho Dorsey, who teaches Beginning Design, has an etching on a piece of hand-shredded vintage fabric that accompanies a looped video of the story of The Crane Wife. Aneka Ingold has two large mixed media prints, one on paper and one on vinyl, that depict bold colors and vivid images. There are many striking pieces in the exhibit by other adjuncts including: Bethany Souza, Brian Tortorelli, Chris Otten, John Caputo, Lynn Manos, Serhat Tanyolacar, Rosemarie Trentinella, Tyrone Stude, Catherine Thompson, Nicole Lamothe and Kaki King.


The exhibit opened on Sept. 4 and will run until Sept. 25 with a closing reception at 7p.m. that is open to the public and includes a performance by Robert Gonzalez of A Narrative of Vintage Verse. The Gallery is open Tuesday-Friday 10 a.m.to 4 p.m., and Saturday 1p.m. to 4 p.m.

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