Technology Review: Apple Watch

by Robert Filipp

I never wore a watch. My girlfriend bought me a very nice one two years ago, and I used to wear it for formal events. I never felt a need to have a watch on my wrist since I have an iPhone in my pocket however, this  changed last September when Apple announced its brand new Apple Watch. After months of waiting, reading reviews and hearing experts’ opinions, I decided to buy one in June. Now,  you won’t see my wrist without my black 42mm Apple Watch Sport, and quite frankly, I can’t imagine myself without it.


You may ask what’s so different between a normal watch and my Apple Watch, which I wear from the moment I wake up until I lay down at night. Even though it is not an iPhone on your wrist, which I don’t think was anyone‘s intention at Apple headquarters in the first place, it is incredibly useful and helpful, and makes my life so much easier and healthier.


I think all of us smartphone users realized at one point that we take our phones from our pockets hundreds of times a day: to check time, to see if that friend finally replied to our message, or to find out what that notification was about–was it a text, a calendar notification or a Facebook notification? Since I have my Apple Watch, I don’t take the iPhone from my pocket every second. All my notifications come straight to my wrist, whether it is a text, a Facebook status update or a new email notification. I can check it simply by turning my wrist, whether I am in the middle of washing dishes, running to class or writing a paper on my laptop. Moreover, if it is a text, I can simply reply from my watch, without even unlocking my iPhone at all. This has truly saved me time, which makes me more focused on a task I am doing right then, and much more effective.


Another great feature I use on a daily basis is its fitness tracker. It measures your fitness activity in three distinct categories: how many calories you burn by moving around, how many minutes of any activity (beyond briskly walking) you do every day, and how many hours a day you stand up and walk. You can set your own personal goals, and the Apple Watch gives you updates throughout the day and praises you with badges once you complete your goal. I can honestly  say that since I have had my Apple Watch, I  have become more active every day and sit for long periods of time much less than before.


There are so many other features I love about my Apple Watch, including quick pieces of information about my day I can get just by turning my wrist, great ability to pay at certain stores with it, or the Siri functionality. However, one of the great features which was announced today is the ability to store apps directly on the Apple Watch, which makes all the apps run much faster and smoother, without the need to have your iPhone nearby. I am certain Apple will be adding many more new, great features as time will pass.Personally, I would like it see Apple making the next watch waterproof, so workouts like swimming will be possible to track. Moreover, features like improved messaging apps, better Siri voice control, and more powerful third-party apps would be beneficial to the watch community. Moreover, such improvements would persuade more people to buy the Apple Watch, which would help the overall picture and make it even more important gadget in our daily lives.


My life has certainly changed ever since I purchased my Apple Watch and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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