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On Thursday Oct. 15, PEACE along with Ten Thousand Village, an organization dedicated to supplying fairly traded home goods and personal accessories, held a three hour preview of their upcoming Fair Trade Festival.

While you may have missed the event this week, you still have another chance to participate.
From Oct. 20 to 23, the organization will be out in the Vaughn courtyard promoting the benefits of free trade and celebrating artists from impoverished countries.
“This event was designed to benefit the students of UT by providing them with artwork from across the world, as well as the artists that create the work,” said Gwen Teutsch, PEACE member and co-chair of the Fair Trade Festival.

The work ranges from countries like Peru, the Philippines and Bangladesh, with 100 percent of the profit returning to the artisans across the globe.

Ranging from small pottery and boxes made from various products like wood and paper to hand-sewn textiles, there are many options to choose from.

By buying these products, you can help continue the tradition.
For more information on Ten Thousand Villages, visit

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