Fantasy Football Preview: Best and Worst Matchups for Upcoming Week 6

The middle class appears to be diminishing in the NFL as many teams have already emerged as either the top of the class or worst of the worst.

Several match ups in week six will showcase the huge gap between these two ends of the spectrum, giving fantasy owners some interesting choices to make.

Other games feature players who are on the fence.

They have performed well this far but are in doubt of continuing their success.

Some who had a great deal of hype surrounding them look to turn their disappointing play thus far into fantasy success.

Play them or bench them?

Brandon Jacobs, RB, New York Giants- With the exit of Derrick Ward to Tampa Bay, it was certain Jacobs would emerge as a solid number one fantasy running back.

However, through five weeks into the season, Jacobs has had only 355 yards on the ground and one touchdown.

I wouldn’t say it is time to give up on Jacobs yet, but the Giants will be in New Orleans this weekend facing a rested defense that ranks seventh in the league in yards allowed.

If you have other options on your bench, use them this week. Bench Jacobs and wait for a more favorable match up.

Marshawn Lynch, RB, Buffalo- Alert to all fantasy owners: stay away from all Buffalo players.

Lynch had a respectable game in his second week back, as he has reclaimed his starting spot, but that doesn’t change much.

Buffalo is struggling, and though the Jets D was dominated on Monday night in Miami, expect them to rebound in week six.

Avoid Lynch at all costs for now.

Matt Hasselbeck, QB, Seattle- I have previously said to trade him while you can get decent value, and I still stand by this. However, if he is still on your roster this week, start him.

Going up against an Arizona defense which ranks last in the league at stopping the air attack, Hasselbeck should be impressive at home.

Kyle Orton, QB, Denver- Nobody has believed this guy can get the job done.

Playing on Monday night in San Diego, I expect Orton to have a coming out party.

Though the Charger D ranks 12th in stopping the pass, they cannot stop the run.

With Knowshon Moreno running all over the place, Orton will find success with play action. Start him, and hope that the surging Broncos will continue their winning ways.

My theory on defenses is instead of drafting one, pick up a different one every week on the waiver wire based on match up.

This has been very successful for me thus far, so this week’s defense is Carolina Panthers (available in over half of ESPN leagues) in Tampa Bay against the 26th ranked Buccaneer offense.

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