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Between school, work and extracurricular activities, there is little time left to truly take in the unique beauty that is The University of Tampa. Thankfully, the UT Board of Counselors and cross country team are giving everyone the opportunity to experience our campus in an entirely new way.

The Third Annual Spartan Challenge 5k will be held Oct. 17 and will kick off homecoming weekend. Faculty, alumni, current students and community members are welcome to run the three lap race.

Although this is the third year the race has taken place, there are few similarities between this year and the past two.

“This year is totally different,” said Dror Vaknin, the assistant cross country coach.

The theme of this year’s race is adventure. Participants will be running through tires, jumping over bales of hay and crawling underneath a cargo net.

Another factor that is unique to this year’s challenge is that it takes place entirely on campus.

Runners will trek around dorms, past the river and by the pool. This is all in an effort to showcase UT’s beautiful historic campus, which many students may take for granted.

“They’ll probably see things they never saw before,” said Lisa Rorrer, the events coordinator.

This is a team competition, and anyone can create a team with as many runners as they’d like. Each team’s five best times will be calculated to determine the winning team.

UT’s ROTC has created a team and are challenging any one who is interrested in the event. Fraternities will also be participating, and an award for “Best Frat” will be given after the race.

The fun isn’t over after runners pass the finish line. An after party will feature a live band, food and giveaways.

Awards will include coupons to different restaurants such as Chick Fil-A and Outback.

“These prizes are great for a college student,” said Rorrer.

Ryan McCall, the UT cross country team member who passed away, will be honored at this event. His brother will be racing, and family members will be watching.

Registering for the event costs $10.  If you are interested, be sure to register before Sept. 30. You can find information on how to register at http://www.spartan5k.com.

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