Familiarize Yourself with University of Tampa’s Terms


Finally! You made it to the beautiful University of Tampa. Whether your journey was a block away or halfway around the world, you arrived at a completely new environment.

The memories you will make here will be priceless and they all begin now.

We, as students, live in our own little bubble here – taking classes, eating with our roomies, joining clubs, etc. We cheer our peers on, we comfort one another, but most of all, we grow together as a family. Overtime, we even develop our own lingo.

Here’s a guide to some unique UT terms to help you on your way through the walls of UT:

“O.S.L.E. (pronounced Osslee)”

This refers to the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, which is located in the Vaughn Center, Room 215. They are committed to providing students with the tools and information to get involved and stay active in the UT community.

“The Caf”

Referring to the cafeteria, the main dining hall is located in the Vaughn Center, first floor.

“The Courtyard”

The large square of grass, picnic tables and benches located in between Austin, Brevard and Vaughn. A couple times a month, vendors will come and set up booths full of jewelry, music and clothing.


Reeves Theater is located on the second floor of the Vaughn Center. Every week, Student Productions holds a movie night. Recitals, presentations and meetings are often held here as well.

“The Grille”

For those students looking for a quick meal or a late-night bite, The Grille 155 is open until 1 a.m. in the Spartan Club, located on the first floor of the Vaughn Center, near The Courtyard.

“Stadium vs. Straz”

Stadium Center is the newest dorm on campus located across from the Cass Building and the Computer Center. Straz Hall is located across from the West Parking garage. They are parallel to each other, separated by the track and baseball field.

“The Rat”

A historical place for UT, The Rathskeller is located underneath Plant Hall. Offering sub selections and proudly brewing Starbucks coffee, “The Rat” takes Spartan dollars.


The Academic Center for Excellence is a support system made up of professionals and trained student-tutors. Students can receive help in any class or subject free of charge.

“McKay Beach”

Located on the strip of land along the river and in back of McKay Hall, many students gather here in between classes to tan, relax or play sports.


This is the building across from Plant Hall. The Post Office, numerous classrooms and offices are located in Riverside.


The Office of Residence provides students with a safe living environment and is in charge of all dorm-life for all UT students.


Are you interested in studying abroad? Or are you an international student? Come to the International Programs Office on the third floor of Plant Hall.


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