Emergency Shut Down of UT Network

The UT computer system is being shut down today for maintenance work from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.. This is considered to be the ‘peak hours’ of network use for the university community.

The network is being shutdown because of an overheated circuit breaker. The entire school network has been running on reserve energy since the breaker which regulates the switch between the main power and generator power malfunctioned early yesterday afternoon.’

Although tests of the generator run on a regular basis, they seldom last for more than 24 hours.’

The computer systems have continued to work for so long uninterrupted. This is a tribute not only to the working condition of the emergency generator but the devices which are in place to ensure a smooth power transition.

‘The need for maintenance is more or less immediate,’ said IT executive director, Donna Alexander, ‘but we tried to choose the time to be as convenient as possible.’ The last Friday class ends at four and most of the administration is shut down by five.’

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