Fashion: Spectacular Swimwear

Bathing suit season really takes place all year long for UT students, but now with stores putting out summer attire, we have more options than before.

Radiate your attitude with barely there bathing suits. Edgy prints give you the power to show off your style and personality.

Try on Roxy Rebel, ( a colorful take on an animal print, or Insight Astral Jungle, (

If you’re not a fan of looking like a walking PETA target, try on a suit with vibrant colors.

Check out Billabong’s Aura, in black with neon purple accents or Lydia Purple One-Piece, a fierce take on the classic one-piece, (

What comes to mind when you think of preppy?

Usually any gingham print or pastel flavor. Put a twist in your preppy style with tiny flowers, paisley designs, or wild cuts, like a bandeau top.

Look like a stylish prepster in Bloom by Billabong (, Paisley by Sugar Free (, or Button Trim top and bottom by Billabong in a light yellow (

Summertime should be carefree and peaceful, so let your bathing suit reflect that aura.

Luckily for us, hippie chic is more popular than ever.

If you are looking for a really 70s styled suit, go for the tie-dye (Luli Fama, Beaded tie-dye, or Megan by Billabong,, or peace signed suit (Local Motion,

If you are looking for a more subtle style try on something with a feather pattern (Zimmerman Feather Bikini, or large flowers (Flower Soup by Volcom,

Eco Friendly:
Go GREEN in any color or pattern. Eco friendly clothing looks good and feels good while still making a difference on the environment.

No matter what the style, you will look good, because being environmentally conscious is the best accessory. sells chic suits made from organic fabric. carries adorable bathing suits, and the owner is a believer in finding balance by connecting with the environment.

If you have a strong passion for the environment than these are the bathing suits for you.

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