Bottled Water Floods 2nd Floor Straz Rooms

Straz Hall was evacuated Monday, April 13 around 10 p.m. when the residents of room 213 shattered the sprinkler head on the second floor.

Either Bill McKenna or Jon Halpern allegedly threw a water bottle from their couch towards their garbage can in the kitchen. The bottle hit the sprinkler overhead and, coming out at up to 250 gallons per minute, water immediately drenched the room and floor.’

The accident also set off the fire alarm, sending hundreds of irritated students to wander the streets.

After about 30 minutes RAs came out and announced that everybody but second floor residents were allowed back in the dorm.’ ‘ ‘

Security questioned McKenna and Halpern Monday night, but no further action has been taken yet.

Preliminary reports state that room 213 will be uninhabitable for the rest of the year, and they will be relocated to the first floor, but there are currently no reports from Reslife or security.’

John Robbins and Antonio Salimbini, the two other residents in room 213, were not in the room when the accident occurred.

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