Global Warming Columinst Responds To Rebuttals

Let me begin by saying I appreciate everyone’s comments about my article two weeks ago about global warming.

Now let me say, rather, repeat loud and clear, that I care about the environment and what we’re doing to it, but I can’t (as in cannot) stand the TERM ‘global warming.’


Not to say or dissuade (as some mentioned) global warming doesn’t mean the earth isn’t getting warmer.

The point of my article is how the TERM ‘global warming’ is an overused media phrase to make people buy into the gimmicks and schemes so that people make money faster than the earth is saved.

As a letter to the editor agreed, ‘I agree with her (my) point that the media has overused the term global warming to inappropriately raise excessive fear within the community. Media obviously is a business that sells a product.’

This product being the TERM ‘global warming.’

The media is selling the public a product that is essentially not entirely the truth.

‘Global warming’ means MORE than the earth getting warmer because of higher CO2 emissions caused by human activity.

That’s my point. That’s my point behind all of the ‘non-science’ thoughts of my article.

I previously wrote, ‘the earth does what it wants with or without human help’ whether we are prepared for it or not. This is not to say that we don’t impact the earth.

Let me clear up a claim from that same letter, ‘However, attacking global warming as not a danger as she (me) has is completely inappropriate.’

I never stated nor was it ever my intention to ‘attack’ global warming meaning the actual warming of the earth because of human activity.

I attacked the TERM ‘global warming’ that the media has so jovially produced and hyped for every person who listens to their garbage (safe to say that’s a lot of people).

I fully admitted in my article that humans account for the rise of at least five to ten percent in carbon dioxide levels.

My other point was that the earth has a natural cycle that the TERM ‘global warming’ conveniently, most often, is forgotten when a news anchor is doing an interview.

We tend to forget that the earth has been around a lot longer than we ever have been and that there were colder and warmer periods than there are now.

We rely on what the news tells us about the earth instead of searching for the facts ourselves.

This is what the TERM ‘global warming’ means: the media tells us what they want us to know which can lead us all astray from what’s really happening.

That’s what I was trying to say by using graphs and the interglacial period as examples.

There’s so much we don’t know because we don’t take the time to find out about it (hence why I’ve researched and written a paper on it).

That’s why the TERM ‘global warming’ is a hoax. It helps a lot of the public stay lazy and blind to the current situation of the earth.

If all of the readers are fine with that, then by all means, keep buying into the million dollar campaign.

But don’t say that I’ve ‘erroneously attributed the problems of global warming to a bunch of ‘Marketing Environmentalists’ who are inciting populist outrage in order to destroy our economy,’ when that wasn’t and will never be my intention.

I used facts to prove my point that a lot more happens in science and the earth than the TERM ‘global warming,’ when reported on by the media, chooses to let on. It’s up to everyone who cares to discover the natural cycles of the earth and to see how the media manipulates these facts into news stories that ultimately create public commentary.

Reactions, like the letter to the editor, agree with me that the media ‘stimulates’hellip; to get people to buy into the green economy out of fear that their actions will lead to their eventual demise.’

My favorite part is how this letter contradicts itself at the end (and in perfect words sums up my exact point on the TERM ‘global warming’) from the letter’s beginning statements, ‘Fear is a great motivator. While it is really irresponsible for the media to feed people false information, a little fear may just be what we need to keep us moving in the right direction,’ while the letter as previously stated says, ‘I agree with her point that the media has over used the term global warming to inappropriately raise excessive fear within the community.’

So thank you for proving my point that global warming, if for the right reasons and research, is how our environment is affected, but if for the wrong reasons, like how the media uses the TERM ‘global warming,’ can create a society that pays millions of dollars to fear instead of actively starting conservation, education and sustainability like we should have began 20 years ago.

To end, don’t use my name or a presumptuous vocabulary in order to tell me that I have an utter disregard for the environment when I, in fact wrote, ‘Do I think we need to clean up our act and stop abusing the environment? Yes I do.’

That shows me that not only did some not take the time to carefully read the ‘TERM’ but that some had the arrogance to use my name when they have no idea what kind of works I do for this environment.

Next time for all of our sakes, read carefully.

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