Fashion: Date Wear

So you’re past the getting-their-number stage and now is the big night – date night.
The anticipation alone can kill you, so let’s take it easy and figure out that burning question: what are you going to wear?

Closet-searching doesn’t have to be an impossible feat, and with this handy guide you will be looking your best for your night of hopeful romance!

The key to remember here is that you should be comfortable!

No six inch stilettos for girls, and no super tight t-shirts for guys.

You want to make a lasting impression that will dazzle rather than frighten.

Think jeans, flats, and a nice polo. Something that makes your personality stand out but isn’t too risqu’eacute;.

For a fancier occasion, such as dinner at an upscale restaurant, class is key. For women, a simple dress paired with corresponding accessories can keep you looking elegant.

Guys, breaking out the tux isn’t necessary, but try and keep the dress looking refined with a dark pant or khaki, paired with a button down and a blazer of a darker shade.

Shoes are a very important factor here. No one wants to show up looking like a million dollars on top, to have their look instantly downgraded by a pair of white tennis shoes.

Ladies should stick to a simple shoe that pairs well with their outfit. If you are wearing a solid color dress, try standing out a bit more with a patterned shoe-a never fail combo is black and leopard print.

Men should try and avoid athletic shoes at all cost, unless this date involves running a triathlon.

If your date happens to be more on the casual side (dinner and a movie, or perhaps an outing to a bar) you’ll be able to expand your wardrobe choices a bit more!

A few options that can be interchangeable in different situations are dark, well fitting denim paired with a great blouse and blazer.

The jacket keeps the look dressed, and once taken off, you retain a flirty and fun look. Men-while I am sure ‘flirty and fun’ is just what you are going for as well, you can look the part by sporting a clean-cut button down and a vest.

While you can’t prevent a bad date partner, you can at least prevent bad date outfits by following some of the tips I dished out.

With subtle tweaking to the dressier look, you can keep the transition to casual from being too difficult.

If your date turns out to be a bust, just remember how great you looked!

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