Student Reconciles With Personal Beliefs And Domestic Partner Benefits

Right off the bat I am going to make it clear that I do not condone same-sex relationships.

I believe that a romantic couple should consist of one man and one woman.

Before you stop reading this article because of our different opinions, I invite you to continue reading so that you may better understand my beliefs on this issue.

After reading my introduction, one would probably be surprised that while I do not condone same sex relationships.

I actually think that offering same-sex partner benefits at UT is not a bad move.

Right now, in America, times are hard.

The economy is at an all-time low, and no one is exempt from feeling the turbulence.

For that reason’mdash;but not that reason alone’mdash;I feel like it is hard enough to catch a break around here lately.

So if you can catch a break, then good for you.

Initially I did not agree with UT’s decision. Since then, I learned to separate my personal beliefs and realized that extending benefits to same-sex couples does not hurt anyone.

I sat down and thought and made the scenario more personal to me.’

I asked myself, ‘Stacy, what would you do if a family member of yours was gay and, therefore, was denied benefits?’

‘How would you feel if they got sick and could not afford medical attention?’

‘How would you feel if, ultimately, a family member’s sexual preference played a role in hindering their abilities to receive medical attention?’

If a family member or someone I care about was gay, I would not cut them off, but I would not give them my approval either.

Instead I would love them through it because no one can be perfect.

To those who agree with me that a romantic couple should consist of one man and one woman but disagree with me about same-sex partner benefits being a good move, I would like you to think about this: the fact that UT now extends benefits to same-sex partners will financially help a lot of people.

I am not going to hate on any financial blessing. Even if it is awarded to someone who practices something that I do not condone, I can’t be mad at good fortune.

I do not judge people because I myself do not want to be judged.

I do not encourage same-sex relationships, but in this situation I feel like benefits should not be denied to those in same-sex relationships.’

There are murderers in prison who have better benefits than you and I. And the worse part about it is, you and I pay for those benefits.

So why not award benefits to someone who actually works hard for them?

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