Fashion: Flatter Your Figure

Do you have a not-so-flat stomach? Does your cuppeth filleth over (or not at all)? Is ‘Bootylicious’ your theme song?

When dressing yourself, you have to keep in mind what ultimately makes you, you.

Hopefully this little guide will lay out the basics to what you should be stocking your closet with to make yourself look as amazing on the outside as you know you are on the inside.

The four main body types are: Hourglass, ruler, pear and apple.

An hourglass can be described as having a very defined waist with evenly dispersed curves.

Basically, your celebrity body look alike could be Kim Kardashian.
Hourglasses can accentuate their figure with waist-defining pieces such as cinching belts, wrap dresses and anything that has seams around this area.

Try to stay away from tops that are too baggy and sack dresses-they will only take away your curves and make you look dumpy. This is a truly lovely and ideal figure so show it off!

Rulers can be defined as having a lack of curves. With such a straight figure however, you can pull off a variety of things.

Most designers manufacture pieces for walking mannequins with bodies similar to yours, so you can pull off things such as high waisted skinny trousers or a very form-fitting gown.

Horizontal stripes are your friend. They can help create the illusion of curves.

Also, volume is your friend. Ruffled tops, pleats, you can pull them off.

However, make sure you are balancing them out by pairing them with an equally form fitting piece. I.E Skinny jeans with that ruffled top, a thin tank top with the pleats.

Don’t drown yourself in over sized pieces a la Ashley Olsen unless you’re ready to look like a hanger.

Oh, pear shapes. You can also be described as ‘bottom heavy’ which by no means sounds cute.

However, I am also a member of this club and a devotee to trying my best not to look too rotund.

Black pants and dark wash denim both help take away attention from the bottom and bring it to the top.

Embellished necklines, v necks, gathering, horizontal stripes, lace-pretty much any intricate detail can be worn on top.

Light wash denim is not your friend. Also try to stay away from too tight bottoms and things that tie at your waist, because they will only serve to disappoint.

Apple shapes can pretty much do everything pears can’t. ‘Top heavy’ is pretty much the definition of an apple shape.

Your best bets would be to wear clothing that is not too tight on top to prevent from some uncomfortable pulling at your bust line.

Belting things at your natural waist is also a nice way to elongate your frame and help bring the attention down, lengthening your torso.

Light colored bottoms also draw the eye down. Wide leg trousers also are very flattering because they help to keep your proportions in check.

Leave tapered pants on the rack, they’ll only make you look like an upside down triangle.

Now, I know that categorizing yourself is a lot easier said than done.

In Between:
There are millions of different body shapes and sizes. It’s almost impossible to fit perfectly into any single category. However, these are some universal fashion tips that will help you looking tip top:

Heels will always make your legs look amazing. Short girls should not succumb to cropped anything, it’ll only create weird breaks in your ensemble and often leave yourself looking shorter.

Black is forever slimming. Red heads shine in green, brunettes glow in yellow, and blondes look great in blue.

Rounder tummies can hide behind empire waists, structured jackets and wrap dresses.

Show off great shoulders in racer backs and strapless dresses.

Thicker legs should stray away from ankle strapped shoes.

Bigger arms can hide behind kimono style sleeves.

Let yourself be classy, stylish, and timeless by taking heed to some of these tips and integrating them into your wardrobe.

You won’t regret it, and your flaws will become a thing of the past as you focus on making your body beautiful everyday.

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