Tampa Named Most Caffeinated City

Tampa has officially been named the most caffeinated city in the United States according to a recent poll.

Prince Market Research recently polled 2,005 asking individuals about their caffeine use.

Seattle, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles follow Tampa in the highly energized survey.

It’s not surprising that Tampa has been bestowed the honor of the title since nine Starbucks Coffee shops are located within a three mile radius of the University of Tampa.

According to the MSNBC report, coffee is not the only source of Tampa’s caffeine addiction. Energy drinks, caffeine pills and tea can be added to the list.

For some UT students caffeine consumption happens every day, but others only use it when they need it.

‘I drink two cups of coffee in the morning, and three shots of espresso around lunch,’ junior Christopher Bendiksen said. ‘And in the afternoon I usually get a large coke slurpee from 7/11; plus the occasional 10 cup equivalent caffeine pill if otherwise needed.’

‘I don’t ever drink coffee or energy drinks…unless it’s finals week and I’m absolutely desperate to stay awake, but even then I’ll still only have one,’ junior Shannon Navarro said. ‘I’ve only had three cups of coffee in my life.’

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