Movie trivia: Do you know your sex scenes?

(UWIRE) It’s too cold to go out, so stay in and turn up the heat. Here are some movie scenes to help you frame the mood. Can you guess what films they’re from? (Answers are below.)

1. Her blue dress and hair is soaked from the rain. She is lifted off her feet and pushed onto a wall by her long- lost love. They christen the house he practically built for her. Then they do it again on the floor.

2. The dance is over. Her white dress is a symbol of what she’ll lose that evening. Back in her room, Maxwell’s ‘This Woman’s Worth’ sets the mood for their ‘innocent’ union. He asks her if she wants him to stop when she winces upon his entrance.

3. He squished her muffins, providing a clever foreshadowing for what she would later receive. He tells her to hit him and they wrestle about until she gives into her desires, clawing at his skin and letting out a long awaited moan of relief.

4. Each couple kisses their partners before they swap. The couple on the top floor dances before christening the glass window.

5. Action-packed intercourse. He rolls about, shooting bad guys while still inside of her. She appears to love it.

6. It’s a late night at the office. He’s never cheated on his wife before, but tonight seems like a good one. They’ve been visually undressing each other throughout their conversation and the intensity is peaking. As she turns to leave, he grabs her arm and pulls her into a smooch. Their passion is socially controversial, but revealed heavily as he lifts her onto the desk and slips off her panties from under her skirt. Moaning and panting accompany their bumping below and cease with him lying on her bra-exposed chest.

7. Both men are married but decide to let it slide. It’s a chilly night out in the tent and they find a way to keep each other warm.

8. Both women have wanted each other since their eye seduction in the elevator. Now, they both lie on the bed. One finger is trapped in her lover’s teeth, the other finger is’hellip;

9. The two women exchange verbal aggression then slap each other across the face before launching into the water. Resentment turns to contentment but they’re unknowingly caught on tape.

10. The two boys are best friends. On their road trip with an older woman, they debunk the ‘three is a crowd’ theory and engage in a passionate kiss, as she shows both of them southern hospitality.

11. She begins to cry and lifts up her shirt while climbing onto his lap. Suddenly, both are completely naked and she’s bent over the couch, getting served from behind. The shot switches to him on top of her on the couch, with sounds of skin slapping and furniture creaking, placing you in the scene. Finally, he’s on the floor with her sitting on him, rotating between heavy and soft breathing. He’s gripping her bottom cheeks, and a chicken is randomly shown, fluttering about in a cage as the scene comes to a close.

12. He has just admitted his love for her, a love he has never known before. While in his room, he takes her for the first time. The two are mostly shown kissing but the point of the moment is not missed. The woman, who has shouted from the rooftops – and to magazine readers – about her purity, lets go and succumbs to love.

13. The black and white in this scene creates a dark overtone, adding to the intensity of this married couple’s last intimate moment.


1. ‘The Notebook’ 2. ‘Love ‘amp; Basketball’ 3. ‘Unfaithful’ 4. ‘Zebra Lounge’ 5. ‘Shoot ’em Up’ 6. ‘Jungle Fever’ 7. ‘Brokeback Mountain’ 8. ‘Bound’ 9. ‘Wild Things’ 10. ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ 11. ‘Monster’s Ball’ 12. ‘Cruel Intentions’ 13. ‘300’

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