UT Students Remember Favorite Holiday Gifts

Some people hesitated and had to think back through the years to see which gift brought the biggest smile, others answered quickly, shooting off a present as if ‘duh’ was that question even need to be asked.

Can you guess which gender had the quickest answer’hellip;the boys. The girls had to think about it for a little bit to pick their favorite gift.

‘Definitely a Magna BMX bike I got when I was 10,’ junior Mike Sarage said.

The girls favorite gifts were I guess you could say a little bit ‘girly.’

‘I don’t even know, can I think about it?’hellip; oh alright’hellip; My Barbie corvette, you know the convertible, I was 6 and Santa brought it,’ junior Leanne Leblanc said as she reminisced about the time she drove around her yard showing off her wheels.

The Barbie corvette was quite popular among the girls.

‘Pink Barbie power wheels corvette,’ junior Jamie Sabellico said. ‘I wet my pants when I opened it!

If only it was acceptable now to wet your pants when getting excited for a gift.

Barbie’s must have been high in demand about 15 years ago as the girls thought about the times when they had to pick out their Barbie’s evening wear.

‘I have never gotten a pet before so I can’t say that, but my favorite gift was probably a Barbie,’ junior Meghan Lally said.

Imagine all the moms stampeding into Toy’s ‘R Us, or F.A.O. Schwarz ready to pounce on another fellow mom who takes the last toy on the shelf.

Look at the determination moms and dads have to make their child smile.
‘I got my cat Smokey when I was 4 and I was so surprised that I cried right on the spot,’ senior Brenton Cianci said.

Good presents are the ones that get the bodily functions flowing.
When it came to the boy toys it is more common to find dads strolling down the aisles trying to decide which one would make them number 1 dad of the year.

‘I would go with tickets to see the Chicago Bulls vs. the New York Knicks because I was a huge Michael Jordan and Bulls fan,’ junior Joe Liewski said.

Sports and boys, stereotypically a good mix, two points for Dad.

‘It would have to be a pool table,’ senior Dave Dellinger said.

A gift to impress the girls, five points for Dad.

Some people’s favorite gifts included trips they went on over the holidays.

‘The only thing I can think of is a trip to Jamaica, with my sister last Christmas, Sophomore Laura Tuci said.

‘The trip we got to go on cruise,’ sophomore Jessica Magner said.

Others were gifts to show responsibility and independence.

‘I would have to say my car, a 1996 Honda Accord, junior Rich Ortiz said.

‘ I finally had the freedom to drive and I guess they got tired of driving me everywhere.’

There were a variety of favorite presents some that included physical activity, others that included memories and some that provoked the imagination.

‘A giant trampoline for my backyard when I was 9,’ said junior Eileen Durkin.

‘It has to be my softball equipment that I got when I was seven from my parents. It came with a helmet, bat and gloves,’ said sophomore Libby Tiani.

‘My two front teeth, said junior Brad Myers. ‘But seriously, I would have to say my moms picture that my grandma gave me after she passed away.’

‘All the ghost busters gear when I was five that I got from Santa, I had everything, the backpack the thing that caught the ghost, it was so much fun,’ said Senior Shane Scanlon.

A couple of the presents became favorites because they didn’t have to spend their own money on it.

‘An XBOX 360 because I wasn’t about to spend $350 of my own money,’ said junior Craig Karner.

With memories of past holidays surging during the winter season, UT students sure opened interesting gifts.

What was your favorite Holiday present?

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