TV Specials All December Long

December gives us joy through numerous mediums including reuniting with family, getting into the ‘spirit’ of different holidays, and enjoying the nice cool weather.

Well, not so much enjoying the weather, but staying out of it grants us the opportunity to watch more television!

Each year, we are presented with oodles of special television programs to celebrate the advent of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa.

Such programs or television events worth watching include A Colbert Christmas (Comedy Central), the 25 Days of Christmas, and the good old Charlie Brown Christmas Special (ABC).

A Colbert Christmas

Most college students have heard the name Stephen Colbert by now.
Having once begun writing comedy movie scripts and appearing on The Daily Show (Comedy Central), he moved up in the ranks of television stardom and now has his own ‘fake-news’ comedy show.

This special has Stephen and several famous guest-stars singing holiday songs. If it is on par with the quality of his regular show, it will surely be a hit.

25 Days of Christmas

Beginning on December first and ending on Christmas, December twenty-fifth, ABC Family will be airing a Christmas (or somewhat Christmas)-based movie.

Over the years, this television event has gained so much popularity that the network decided to make whole new movies to honor the occasion.
This year there will be two: Snow 2 Brain Freeze and Christmas in Wonderland. Of course there will be the classics as well, such as Twas the Night Before Christmas.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

The most popular Christmas television special ever, A Charlie Brown Christmas never gets old.

Released in 1965, the special has aired every year since and does not look as though people will become tired with it anytime soon.

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