Friends, neighbors, blood-brothers, and rock band – Edison Glass rocks Tampa

The band members of Edison Glass can easily be mistaken for fans lingering around the bar as the crowd starts to trickle in. Their casual demeanor and relaxed dress do not scream, “rock band”.

Suddenly, drawn like moths to a flame, the band crowds around old school video games and makes their presence known with spontaneous shouts and wild cries of excitement. “I just beat Metal Slug 2!!” screams guitarist James Usher.

Their strong affinity for classic video games seems to outshine the bands recent national popularity with their newest album, “Time is Fiction,” and their upcoming concert with the All American Rejects later this year.

The band members of Edison Glass consist of Josh Silverburg, Josh “Mountain” Morin, James Usher, and Joe Morin. Since their humble beginnings in the suburbs of Long Island, N.Y. their focus has always been on the music.

Their talent for combining melodic vocals with sharp guitar rifts and stomping percussion creates exciting fusions of indie-rock. The vocals of Josh Silverburg and “Mountain” remain harmonious through each song of “Time in Fiction” as the energy is kept pulsating by Joe and James.

Their unique addition of playing timed video projection adds depth to their music allowing audience to experience their music on multiple levels. They have produced a music video for almost every song.

The Edison Glass members’ dedication to music makes a loud statement for a humble band. After their live performance Josh announced part of their profit from the night would go towards, an organization advocating the abolishment of child sex. .

The Minaret had the pleasure of getting to interview Edison Glass:

The Minaret: Why the band name Edison Glass? Edison Glass: Thomas Edison and Philip Glass stuck out kinda as odd balls and they gave us the inspiration for what can you do with light. Edison is also the father of rock; no light, no guitars.

Minaret: How long has the band been together? EG: We’ve been married for about 10 years. Joe and Josh were next-door neighbors. Josh writes more original music. Mountain played first show in a bar at 11 years old. His Mom came and carried his guitar case. Looking back on that, it was weird asking if an 11 year-old could play in a bar.

Minaret: Your bio talks about the tough times you had on the road (10 dollars a day, less than appealing turn out, etc.). Were there times when you ever wanted to quit? EG: Yeah, a lot of times, there were many levels of difficulty and a billion Battles of the Bands; won once. They’re mainly judged on popularity and we were just nerds with not a whole lot of popularity or following. We’ve come to accept some things, like a sore thumb. We’re not exactly a scene band, not hardcore, not really a band… just a small but intense following growing over 10 years. It’s been a non-stop struggle.

Minaret:Any bands or people that inspire you? EG: Jeff Buckwheat, The Police, Phantom Planet, Bjork, Kaki King; all comprising of something in there.

Minaret: What is your most embarrassing moment at a concert? EG: James: I had a bloody nose once while on stage and played the whole time sideways. During a quick break I dipped a cloth in a cup of water to wipe my nose, which Joe drank from.

Joe: Wait, what?

Minaret: Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4? EG: Call of Duty 4

Stay tuned for more of this rising band. They are sure to change the world with their aspiring perseverance and inspiring dedication to the arts. For more information on how to donate to their charity-of-choice, visit For more information on Edison Glass and their upcoming tours, visit or. the band’s website or their MySpace Page.

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