Freshmen and Transfers, You Ask, We Answer: What do you want to know about UT?

The Minaret wants to help you freshmen and transfers get acquainted with UT. As the only (and therefore best) newspaper on campus, The Minaret wants to be the first place you turn to with questions.

Here are some queries posed to us through our Facebook account:

Rodner Salgado: We all know that college life can be stressful, especially for upcoming freshman who don’t know what they’re getting themselves into…Like myself.

So, besides Bush Garden, what is there to do for fun, perhaps somewhere nice, cheap, somewhere to sit back relax (nice little restaurants, movie, park, whatever comes to mind.)

The Minaret: Check out this feature we posted last year, called The Best of Tampa. Dog parks, restaurants, movies and more are all highlighted for you.

Brendan Milliken: Can we register a car during the actual school year? I won’t have one for at least the first few weeks but I plan on buying one early in the school year.

The Minaret: You can register a car at any time. All you need is your car’s registration and to print out your Course and Fee statement from SpartanWeb. Don’t worry if you have no idea what that is yet. You’ll learn!

Genecia Davis: Because we don’t have a well known sports team such as the [University of Florida] Gators or [Florida State] Seminoles, do we still have a lot of spirit like those other colleges?

The Minaret: Unfortunately, school spirit tends to lag at UT. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, however. Soccer games can get rowdy, especially toward the postseason. Our volleyball, soccer, basketball and baseball teams did very well last season and should be a good draw this year. It’s up to the students to create an atmosphere of spirit, however.

Zach Zachariades: Are there any discounted tickets on anything?

The Minaret: Currently, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Rays do not offer student discounts that we know of, yet. The Lightning often have UT student nights where they give out free or steeply discounted tickets. During the spring, the Arena Football League’s Storm gave out thousands of free tickets to UT students. We don’t know if that will continue or not, but we’ll be sure to check up on it. You can use your student ID at a number of movie theaters to get discounted tickets as well. And of course, all UT sporting events are free to students with their Spartan Card.

Patrick Whiting: Does anyone know how to get your [UT] email address?

The Minaret: You can find your e-mail address by logging into SpartanWeb and clicking on the “Academics” tab, then the “Other Addresses” link. For help with SpartanWeb, call (813) 258-7316. Sometimes, accounts are not active until a schedule is prepared for you in July or August.

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