Learned and Huth camp’s reaction to Minaret Endorsement

Not winning the Minaret’s endorsement will in no way dishearten the Learned and Huth campaign. We will continue to talk about the issues, specifically how we will change the meal exchange and alcohol policies. Our positive message of change will go on as we look forward to election week.

I would like to clarify some points made in the Minaret’s article. First, I was in no way associated with the executive board which passed last fall’s alcohol policy. I opposed those policies from the beginning and started the facebook petition to change them. Secondly, the calling into question my opponent’s record on that issue was not meant as an attack, simply to illustrate the differences between our two opinions.

The Learned and Huth campaign is focusing its efforts on an issues based campaign. Stephanie and I are friends and will continue to be long after Election Day. We differ on our opinions on the alcohol and meal exchange policies and I sought to highlight those differences in my speech.

We will continue to take our message to the students as we talk about the positive changes we want to make on our campus. We wish our opponents only the best, and would be honored to lead UT into a great 2008-2009 academic year.

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