Andrew Learned running for President …

Student Government is not doing nearly enough.

Rather than be the voice for student concerns SG has instead been distracted.

We can, and we should, be so much more.

However, due to sheer cowardice of leadership we have become subject to a host of our administration’s remarkably bad policies.

A meal exchange policy which is designed to generate revenue for Dairy Queen while ignoring the wishes of students should have no place on our campus.

Why meatballs are allowed in Pandini’s pastas but chicken is not defines every meaning of common sense.

Campus Security’s babysitting of our lobbies has removed their effectiveness at keeping the rest of our campus safe and secure.

In a time marked by the Northern Illinois University and Virginia Tech massacres, now is simply not the time to focus security on checking into bed at night.

We are told how the purpose of our alcohol policy is to teach responsible consumption despite every indication to the country.

The one strike nature to social hosting violations removes any previous fa

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