Student-run sex magazine publishes book

(U-WIRE) BOSTON – Boink, the student-run sex magazine founded by Boston University students, has taken the next big step in the published world and recently put out a book, Boink: College Sex by the People Having It.

Published by Grand Central Publishing, Boink’s new book includes fiction as well as nonfiction articles and studies. It also boasts untouched, nude pictures of real college coeds.

“It’s kind of like a coffee-table version of the magazine,” Boink editor and co-founder Alecia Oleyourryk, said.

Oleyourryk, a 2005 graduate of the College of Communication, said she was first approached by a publisher after she and co-founder and photographer Christopher Anderson gave an interview to Howard Stern when the magazine first came out. The future publisher heard the interview and pitched the idea for a book.

“Warner Books came to us and told us to make the book,” Oleyourryk said.

Oleyourryk and Anderson then searched for models and writers, putting up information and a contest on their Web site.

“We picked 10 models, and we went down to St. Thomas to shoot the photos,” Oleyourryk said.

College of General Studies sophomore Julie Hall was one of the chosen models and said the experience was a great one and said she got very close with Oleyourryk and Anderson in the process.

“The pictures are very natural, and I think some of them are fun and some are just plain sexy,” Hall said. “It was a really unique experience because not many people at BU have posed nude for a lot of things,” she said.

Telling her parents about the nude shoot was almost as easy and natural for Hall, who said her mom is a “pretty open person” who was comfortable if her daughter was comfortable.

Oleyourryk said the book-making process was difficult, but the hardest part has been in publicizing it. She said she went on The O’Reilly Factor — hosted by BU alumnus Bill O’Reilly — last Monday and will be in Newsweek this week promoting it.

“It was a little bit different than making the magazine,” she said. “The biggest challenge is getting people to buy it and know that it’s there. It’s a whole different world because we have a lot of people helping us out to do interviews and get the word out.”

Now that the book is out, Oleyourryk said there are no official plans for another book. She added and Anderson will drive a van down to Florida during Spring Break as part of Boink’s book tour.

“I know the magazine is very successful, and I know the book, so far, has gotten a lot of media attention as well,” Hall said. “I think that anybody who has any curiosity about the book should definitely pick it up.”

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